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Millville Honey Crunch ‘N Oats Cereal (Aldi)

UPDATE (03/2021): While this cereal is fantastic, and still one I buy quite often, it is by no means worthy of a perfect score, something that has been updated down below. 

An empty, battered box of Millville’s Honey Crunch ‘N Oats cereal.

I am a big fan of cereal.  I’m one of those people that not only enjoy eating it for breakfast, but also find it to be a perfect snack at any point of the day.  The problem is, boxes of cereal are often way in excess of $3.  And like many other things, despite what the serving suggestions lead you to believe, there’s no way I’m getting nine or so servings out of a box.  I’m a man.  I need a BOWL, not a cup, so I get about four servings out of a box.  And to pay $3+ for THAT, is just simply not enticing.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, and thanks to Aldi’s version, known as Honey Crunch ‘n Oats (which is, like all of their cereals, released under the Millville brand name) it’s going to be a whole lot longer.  This is cereal nirvana; a solid mix of good taste, with the added benefit of being pretty good for you.  And with the added, added benefit of being only $1.79 for a 14.5 oz. box.

As you probably know, the cereal is made up of three key components:  They are the crispy corn flakes, the crunchy oat clusters, and the touch of honey that is evident throughout.  All three of these work together like a charm:  The corn flakes are slightly sweet, but aren’t nearly overpowering; the oat clusters have a delicious honey taste that dances on the taste buds, and the honey is plainly there, but never to the point that it becomes sickening.  It really is a perfect balance, a balance that Millville hits right on the nose.

My only complaint is that the corn flakes get soggy real quick, but that’s just the nature of corn flakes, so I really can’t hold it against the cereal too much.  The counter to that is that the oat clusters stay crunchy the entire time, so I guess it balances out.  And the flavor more than makes up for any complaints about appearance or texture.

Overall: 8/10. Aldi’s cereal is hit or miss (though I will say with more hits than misses), but this one is right on the spot.  While the corn flakes get soggy rather quickly, the oat clusters, which are frequent throughout, give the cereal a nice bit of crunch, and a subdued explosion of honey taste, while the corn flakes themselves are slightly sweetened  And at only $1.79 for a 14.5 oz. box, the price tag helps make this an absolutely delicious deal.  Absolutely recommended.

NOTE: This cereal was originally given a 10 (perfect score). The cereal is fantastic, and still one I buy ten years later, but is by no means deserving of its original tally; thus, it has been lowered. It’s nothing personal, nor does it insinuate a drop in the cereal’s quality (which actually has stayed pretty consistent over the years); it’s simply a correction to an overexaggerated score.

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