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Candy Christmas: Belmont Candy Cane Pie

NOTE: It would appear this product has shamefully been discontinued. This one might be worth starting a petition on over…one of the best items Aldi has ever carried.

I can’t hold it in, so I‘m just going to come out and say it:  This pie is perfect.  It’s hands-down the best frozen pie I’ve purchased anywhere.  When I first stumbled on it at Aldi a little over five years ago now, I immediately fell in love with it; its ridiculously soft and creamy mint center, its light and fluffy whipped cream, those perfect chocolate candies on the top, that ridiculously necessary fudge layer toward the bottom, the chocolate cookie crust…all come together to form a slice of heaven.  Jesus couldn’t make a better pie…it’s that freaking good.

Available at Aldi and only around Christmastime, I made the vow right then and there that this would become my holiday tradition.  Sure enough, it has remained that way, even to this day.  Unfortunately for me, thousands of people also seem to have picked up on these in the time since my first fateful encounter, because every year they seem to get harder and harder to get, assuming you fail to get them the week they are first offered as a Special Buy.

Wanting to share in the wealth, I’ve even taken these over to my parents’ house, as well as my in-laws, and now both of them ask me when these are available every year.  No joke.  It’s pie perfection, and the fact that they are only occasionally available make it that much more addicting, as the cravings have too much time to fester and grow.  Now, it’s to the point where I only have to see them in the Aldi ad, and my mouth immediately starts watering.  That flawless mint flavor…those chocolates…that silky-smooth texture…I’m sorry, I just can’t help it!

It’s interesting that this is one of the very few Aldi products that, at least to my knowledge, aren’t a knockoff of a major brand.  In fact, I’m not sure of any other stores carrying anything like this.  A quick internet search has revealed that school fundraiser Market Day is the only other place to sell this product, and it seems to be the exact same thing, which is kind of bizarre…why haven’t other stores jumped on top of this?  Has no one ever tasted this thing?  If you’re reading this, turn around, jump in your car, go to your local Aldi store, and buy one now.  Then you can go ahead and thank me in the comments later.

Overall: 10/10.  The best frozen pie I’ve ever had, Belmont’s Candy Cane Pie is a perfect mix of mint, chocolate, and whipped cream that‘s so good, I really don‘t think there are words that can accurately sum up just how great it is.  Ever since I first tried it a little over a half-decade ago, I vowed it would become my own personal holiday tradition (it‘s only available at Aldi‘s around Christmastime), and it has remained that way ever since.  It has also received rave reviews from family members I’ve let try it, and they continue to ask me every year when this is available.  Seriously, if you like mint and chocolate together, there is almost a 100% chance you’ll love this.

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  1. Anonymous

    Why aren't they carrying Belmont's Candy cane pie this year? I was going to buy them for my Christmas party. I'm so sad!

  2. atom

    You know what? Good question! Somehow, I hadn't even noticed even though I look forward to these every year! I would sincerely hope they're not getting rid of them for good…every single person I've ever let try a piece has ended up loving it, regardless of their usual thoughts on chocolate and mint.

    It's quite literally as close to perfection as I think I've ever encountered in a frozen dessert.

  3. Anonymous

    I was so intent on buying several of these WONDERFUL Belmont Candy Cane pies for my big Christmas party last year, and even though the Aldi's manager said they would have them (2017) they didn't have even one. Now, I'm hoping that some grinch stole them off of a truck and this year they will be back at Aldi's.

  4. atom

    You and me both! I was also planning on grabbing some last year, and was incredibly disappointed when they never appeared in-store.

    I'm really hoping they didn't stop carrying them for good…it's the best thing I've ever had there and became a Christmas tradition for me (though my wife doesn't miss them as much as I do)!

  5. Unknown

    So mad that you can't find these pies anywhere. We have been having them every year but this year is the worst on finding any. Now why aren't they being made anymore? Everyone here loves them and wants them. Can't find this pie anywhere anymore candy cane pie I always buy 4 but I would have bought a freaking case of them if I could get my hands on them. Why can't we order them online or get them somewhere else? Need an answer please Belmont you got us hooked on them and now we can't get them anymore.

  6. atom

    Well I'm in no way affiliated with the company, so I can't answer your question. All I can say is, I'm just as disappointed as you…these things were the best.

    I'm assuming they stopped making them for some reason…our stores stopped carrying them three years ago. If you ever figure out the answer, let me know! And vice versa!

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