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Nature’s Nectar Orange Pineapple Banana 100% Juice (Aldi)

A word for the wise for those that may be new to Aldi:  Their Nature’s Nectar brand juices are always good and provide serious bang for your buck, often tasting very similar to the national brands but for a fraction of the cost.  Thankfully many of them, like their fantastic V8 knockoffs (Blendz, which knock off V8 Fusion, and Splash, which, not ironically, are similar products to V8 Splash) are available year-round, along with the typical suspects (apple, orange, grape, etc.)

Unfortunately, their best offering, the ne plus ultra of Aldi juices; a ridiculously delicious concoction of pineapple, orange, and apple juices, along with banana puree,  is only available occasionally as a special buy.  Like the national brand on which this is based (it’s even in a very similar container), Aldi’s version of Pineapple Orange Banana juice is made up of 100% juice, and it’s evident from the first sip; every single one of its flavors is evident from the moment it hits your tongue; the tartness of the orange gives way to the sweetness of the pineapple, and the entire thing is finished off with the perfect dose of banana that brings the level of sweetness down a notch or two.

I must confess that this is probably not a drink for everyone:  While, in my opinion, the banana and the orange do a great job of neutralizing the very sweet pineapple, I could still see it being way too sweet for those opposed to such drinks (though in the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention my wife, who generally is opposed to my super-sweet drinks, still ended up liking this a great deal, to the surprise of both of us).  I did think the sugar content was kind of high (25g per 8 oz. serving), but when you’re mixing the juice of several different fruits, that is probably unavoidable (the package does claim there is no added sugar).

This is a beverage that deserves a permanent spot on Aldi shelves, at least during the spring and summer seasons; the fact that it has been a Special Buy twice in consecutive months (January and February 2014) might be a hint that they are looking into doing just that.  It’s a very refreshing drink that stands among the best of what Nature’s Nectar has to offer.  If you ever stumble on it at your local Aldi store, you should definitely pick it up and give it a try!

Overall: 10/10.  My favorite of all Nature’s Nectar juices, which is saying quite a lot as I have never been disappointed with anything from that line.  The individual juice flavors are very well balanced and, in my opinion, not too sweet.  As with a lot of juice drinks, the sugar content is fairly high (25g of sugar per 8 oz serving), but that is also to be expected when you’re mixing the juice of several fruits.  Overall, if you have even a passing interest in any of the three fruits featured in this drink, there should really be no reason not to give it a try.  The only downside:  Get it before it’s gone, because it’s a limited-time Special Buy that deserves a permanent place on Aldi shelves.

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  1. Mike

    I wouldn't be interested in the peach orange mango juice but I've tried the orange pineapple banana and have to say your review is right on. This stuff is addicting. At first it was too sweet for my taste, but it includes a flavor burst of oranges, pineapple and bananas that you can't turn down (hell, I even compared it with a glass of V8 Fusion and thought the Aldi brand had more flavor for half the cost!). Once again Aldi doesn't disappoint.with this one.

  2. atom

    Glad you liked the POB, too! Even my wife was addicted to it, and she seems to have a similar taste to yours.

    And don't think I've forgotten about your chip suggestions! I actually have polished off a bag of the Clancy's ranch chips, so the next trip I'll get the Nacho Cheese and review them both at once. I'll also dedicate it to you! haha

  3. Unknown

    The orange pineapple apple juice is DELICIOUS. Aldi doesn't always carry it, but, when they do, I buy at least 3. Yummu

  4. atom

    I agree! It looks like they have the orange pineapple (minus the banana) at my store all summer, so it's probably the same everywhere. I prefer the version with banana, but I've been stocking up on these as a replacement while they're available!

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