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Clancy’s Cheddar and Sour Cream Ridged Potato Chips (Aldi)

UPDATE (6/1/19): I have picked up a couple more bags of this product since reviewing these and each one has been consistently coated with a generous amount of seasoning. The flavor is still missing something, and it’s far from my favorite cheddar and sour cream chip, but the inexpensive price tag certainly offers an enticing buy every now and again. Because of this, I’ve upped my rating from 2 to 6/10, an increase of four points. Original review appears below.

I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous review for a Clancy’s product, but my main gripe with the brand is the distinct lack of quality control:  The chips in some bags I get are absolutely smothered in seasoning, while other bags have just a slight dusting throughout.  In other words, you really don’t know what you’ll be getting when you open the bag, which almost makes me hesitant to buy certain kinds.

With that in mind, these were so under-seasoned that it should be a federal crime.  There’s probably barely a full tablespoon of seasoning in the whole bag.  Sure, you can taste the cheddar and sour cream on each chip, but it’s very weak; almost as if the flavoring was just tossed in as an afterthought.  Only, it’s supposed to be the headliner; the main star.  I know it’s impossible to have every chip covered in sour creamy goodness, but upon opening the bag, I at least expected to see at least half of them bright orange, insinuating that they are bursting at the seams with rich cheddar flavor.  Instead, all I got were some that were slightly orange, but more that looked like a normal potato chip with slight patches of the titular ingredients.

Maybe I’m just spoiled by typical Aldi quality, but even though these were only $1.19, I feel like I was gypped.  Of course, I could return them and get something else, but at that price point, it’s enough to make such a trip nothing more than a waste of gas.  Plus, it’s just a bag of potato chips; hardly anything to get that worked up over.  Still, it’s pretty inexcusable.

To bring this whole review full circle, the problem I have is that the bag right next to it might have been covered in deliciousness; in fact, maybe I got the only bad batch out of the whole case.  Maybe if you went to Aldi and grabbed a bag, you’d hit the jackpot, find one with so much cheddar and sour cream that it’d make your head explode, and you could leave me a comment telling me how terrible this review is and that they are the best cheddar and sour cream chips you’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, as long as getting the “right” bag is little more than a game of luck, there is no way I can possibly recommend these.

Overall: 6/10 (+4 pts.)  UPDATE: I’ve purchased a few bags of this since my initial review, and all of them have had a generous amount of seasoning, which addresses my chief complaint about quality control, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m still not a huge fan of the flavor, in comparison with other brands, but they’re easily edible, very cheap, and a nice change of pace every now and again. The rating has been adjusted accordingly.

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