Baby’s Butt Aid (Dollar Tree)

Now that previous reviews have regaled you with problems I’ve had on the front part of my privates, let’s work our way to the back, shall we?  I sometimes get rashes on my behind, usually from dry skin, but sometimes from sweating at work (the summer weather will do that to you).  Needless to say, they are not pleasant.  At first, I thought it might be a cleanliness issue, even though I shower daily, but when more focused cleanings did nothing to heal it, I knew I needed some medical help.

I had always seen Baby’s Butt Aid on the shelves at Dollar Tree (and laughed at the name), but I never gave it any serious consideration to use on my own skin.  After all, I’m not a baby, so what use would I have for a diaper rash ointment?  I was surprised when my wife suggested that I try it, as she was fairly certain that what I had was essentially an adult version of diaper rash, with moisture collecting and creating an infection.  So I took her advice…and I’m glad I did.

This stuff works pretty well, as I noticed a big difference within a couple days of first use.  I actually like the texture, almost like a soft paste, which goes on easy and, as the packaging says, “wipes off easily”, so there are no annoying messes to deal with afterwards.  I was also afraid that, like some creams and ointments, it would be uncomfortable, or noticeable, right after applying, but that’s not the case either.  While I generally put it on right before bed, giving it a few hours to work, I’ve also put it on right before work, and still didn’t notice it during a long day at work.

Oftentimes, companies will charge an excessive amount of money for simple creams, and this one doesn’t seem to be much of an exception.  While this tube is only 2 oz., it still provides great value, as 4 oz. tubes of the national brand can go for upwards of $4.  So even if you have to buy two, you’re still coming out on top.  I definitely would recommend this to anyone, but especially those looking for relief on a budget.

NOTE: I’ve noticed many discussions online alluding to the fact this has boric acid, and is therefore bad for your skin, or worse, bad for your health.  Not sure if any of this is true, but it is also included in the name brand “butt paste”, and no one seems to be crying foul over that.  I’ve also been using this for several months (off and on) with no adverse side effects, so it’s probably just another example of people getting worked up for no reason.

Overall: 9/10.  Why pay more for butt paste when you can get this stuff for $1?  At first, I thought the pasty texture would be very uncomfortable once applied, but it really goes on smooth and is unnoticeable.  It also worked incredibly quick, clearing up a rash I had in about two days.  I can’t vouch for how it will work on a baby, but I would expect similar results.  Highly recommended, especially to those on a budget.

4 thought on “Baby’s Butt Aid (Dollar Tree)”

  1. I do not actually work for, nor have any affiliation with, Dollar Tree. So I can't say for sure.

    That being said, I don't believe I've seen it on any recent trips, nor is it available on their website (that I could find) so it's a good bet they've probably taken it out of their inventory. The only kind I've seen lately is a Natureplex diaper cream with 40% zinc oxide that is more creamy and less pasty…I don't think it works nearly as well.

  2. Target carries it now but for almost $7… Keep looking at other dollar stores … I've had the same problem has you and this Baby's Butt Aid helped so much and can't find it either only at aTarget bit it's a red tube now

  3. I always hate when DT stops carrying products I rely on…which seems to be more often than it should be! I've gotten the new kind they carry (I don't even remember what it is) and wasn't nearly as impressed with the results.

    At any rate, thanks for the comment!

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