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PurAqua Juicy Peach Sparkling Water (Aldi)

Well we’ve already experienced the White Grape version, which we found less-than-satisfactory; how does the Peach flavor stack up?

For starters, the smell is inviting, in a super-artificial kind of way; it does remind me of a juicy peach.  However, I must confess that I tend to like fake fruit flavors moreso than the average person (I can eat those terribly fake banana-flavored Runts all day).  There’s a good amount of carbonation here that I find refreshing; I sometimes get these as a cheap replacement for soda (and it can’t be any worse from a health standpoint).

As for the peach flavor, I love it.  It’s really on par with just about every unnatural peach flavor I’ve ever had, but as I said earlier, I don‘t mind my fruits fake.  It’s very sweet, courtesy of the supposedly cancer-causing sweetener aspartame, so if you prefer the more natural-tasting sparkling waters, like my wife does, then you are totally not going to like these.  But it’s an easy beverage to swig down on a hot summer day, and even though those seem to be winding down, there’s bound to be a couple of them left before fall arrives, and then makes way for the depressing, bleak coldness of winter.

For 59 cents for 33.8 ounces, the price is pretty much on-point for any budget, too.  There’s quite a bit of liquid refreshment to be had for well under a buck, and since it’s mostly water, I like to think it’s at least somewhat good for you.  I don’t get these all the time, but these are a good change of pace from overly-sugary drinks.

Overall: 7/10.  The peach flavor is very fake (courtesy of the zero fruit juice contained within), and there’s plenty of sweetness, courtesy of aspartame, which is rumored to cause cancer (for what it’s worth, the American Cancer Society and FDA refute these claims, so if you believe a large charity that uses donations to pay its CEO over $2 million annually, and shady government organizations, then you have nothing to worry about).  However, I like these, and while I rarely ever purchase them, they make a good replacement for soda every so often.  At a mere 59 cents per 33.8 oz. bottle, the price is right, too.  See?  Who needs real ingredients when chemicals are so much cheaper?  Seriously, though, for some quick refreshment for dirt cheap, you can do much, much worse.

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