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Mama Cozzi’s Cuban Brand Frozen Pizza (Aldi)

I had been eyeing Mama Cozzi’s Cuban Brand Pizza for a few Special Buy cycles now; it seems to be available every other month lately.  But I was always hesitant for one reason or another…until this last time, when I stalled for only a second before finally picking it up and tossing it in my cart.

I think the main cause for the indecision were the ingredients: Crème Fraiche sauce (didn’t have a clue what that was), with MUSTARD, two kinds of cheeses, meats, and banana peppers.  Now, we have a local pizza shop that has even weirder pizzas than this (one I tried there had a mustard/sour cream base with tuna, for God’s sake), but the advantage that place has is that all their ingredients are fresh, and they are cooked in a wood-fire oven.  Even though Mama Cozzi’s frozen pizzas tend to be pretty good, I honestly wasn’t sure how they could pull this one off.

Well pull it off they do…this pizza is simply marvelous, and that’s not a word I tend to throw around.  The crème fraiche, which I have since learned is basically a less sour version of sour cream, provides a nice, light foundation that blends perfectly with all the ingredients.  I even enjoyed the banana peppers, which I don’t like at all; but here, they simply add a very light spice, while the flavor never stands out, balancing out with the rest of the ingredients.  Considering all the meats on here (there’s Canadian bacon, and both small bacon bits and larger bacon strips), it never becomes overly salty, like most such pizzas.  In fact, it all comes off feeling rather “light”; all the flavors are soft, with none being bland, but none being outrageously over-the-top.  In other words, it’s completely the opposite of what I would have expecting going in.

And while I highly doubt this pizza is very authentic to actual Cuban cuisine or culture, it’s definitely unique enough to hit a different set of taste buds than the normal American pizza, which is perfect if you want something out of the ordinary.  I’m not sure I’d get this pizza again during the same Special Buy cycle–there are plenty of other options, pizza and otherwise, that I’d like to get around to–but come the next time it’s offered, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again.  It’s really good, especially for a frozen pizza with some rather unorthodox ingredients.

Overall: 8/10. Put aside your concerns and give this pizza a shot:  Even though there are a couple different kinds of meats and two different kinds of cheeses, it not only manages to avoid tasting overly salty, but it somehow tastes “light”.  There’s not an overwhelming amount of any ingredient, and the crème fraiche (think a less sour version of sour cream, if Wikipedia is to be trusted) is smooth and provides an excellent base.  It’s not your standard “American” pizza, and it hits a different set of taste buds, but it also hits the spot.  Excellent stuff.

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  1. Rubys Nails

    I know this is a super old post, but I had to comment.
    The Cuban pizza is our absolute favorite. We buy several when it comes to the store.
    It's great with some of the Aldi giardinara (hot or mild, your preference).

  2. atom

    Nah, that's what these posts are here for! I'm glad to hear you liked it, too! And you also reminded me about it: I haven't gotten it since I reviewed it, and am overdue to get it again.

    I've not tried their giardinara! What is that? Just a hot/mild sauce?

  3. Rubys Nails

    Oh giardinara is a pickled veggies and pepper condiment.
    It's really popular in Illinois to eat on Italian beef and hot dogs.
    My husband and I grew up in Illinois so we always keep some on hand for whatever. Aldi carries it by the salad dressings and ketchup and stuff. The hot is pretty spicy.

  4. atom

    I actually looked it up right after I asked…I don't think they carry it at ours, and have never heard of it living in Ohio (but I'll double-check on my next trip just to be sure). My grandparents live in Illinois (and my mom was born there) so I'll ask them if they've heard of it. If nothing else, next time I visit I'll have to look for it at their Aldi!

  5. Anonymous

    I LOVE that pizza. So much so that I emailed Aldi on their website to find out when it would be in the Birmingham, AL stores (I must wait until July, 2018). I plan to load my freezer with it.

  6. atom

    I had no idea that they would give you details on when they would be carrying a certain item in stores next, if you contacted them! That's good to know for the future.

    Assuming you're talking about the Cuban, that's a great pizza.

  7. Unknown

    Just chiming in YEARS later that we tried this pizza a few weeks ago and it was so freaking delicious, and I'm depressed that it's not there now, cuz I'd but enough to fill our freezer. ? Hoping it makes a return soon!

  8. atom

    Hey, as the saying goes, "Better late than never!" Just be glad you found it at all!

    It is a bummer that it's only a Special Buy, but it seems to be available somewhat regularly…I'd say every six or so months (which is better than some items, which show up once and then never again). In case you're not aware, sign up for Aldi's newsletter. Every Wednesday they have the Special Buys posted online, BUT if you go to the website, you can also see the following week's items. Gives you a little glimpse into the future as to what you can expect to see in-store so you can stock up before everyone else!

  9. Unknown

    I hope nobody gets in my way the next time I see that pizza they're going down

  10. atom

    Man, I hear ya…we just bought 2 last week for the first time since I reviewed them, and both pizzas were gone in two days. We forgot how delicious they are!

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