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E-on Pomegranate Blast Energy Drink (Big Lots)

Following the excitement of trying E-on’s “Almond Rush” energy beverage, I was terrifically enthused to try “Pomegranate Blast” one of four flavors that select Big Lots stores are currently carrying. Very similarly to the almond variety, this one features 2% juice (hey, I guess it’s better than none), natural caffeine and cane sugar, and the ominous “natural flavors”.  The purple color even comes courtesy of “purple carrot juice concentrate” instead of synthetic colorants, which is pretty impressive. In other words, the genetic makeup of all their drinks seem to be the same, the only difference comes down to color and taste.

In this case, the flavor isn’t nearly as overwhelmingly delicious as the almond counterpart. It starts off kind of grape-y, then flows beyond that into something that I guess could be considered pomegranate (I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with the flavor profile of that particular fruit, though pomegranate juice concentrate is one of the top ingredients). While overall sweet, there’s a slightly bitter finish that I feel as it hits the back of my throat–nothing too off-putting, but also something that doesn’t seem entirely necessary. The aftertaste is fruity and inoffensive.

In short, I like this drink, and at $.33 you bet your ass I’ll be picking up at least one or two more, but especially compared to the almond, there’s just something lacking. Maybe I’m just a little let down from the jump in audacity; to go from taking a serious chance on an almond/lemon blend, and succeeding, to just “falling back” into a standard fruit-based drink with no shred of originality. Still, as long as these are being offered at Big Lots for mere peanuts, these earn a myriad of points for value, and you’ve got to respect the all-natural ingredients, which is a welcome change from most of the energy drinks offered at the closeout store. Downside, again, is the sugar, but I harped on that last time (see above) and will spare you the lesson here. If the almond gave you a kick in the pants, this should do the same.

Overall: 7/10. Has the same makeup as the previously reviewed almond flavor (37g of cane sugar, 2% juice, natural flavors, 142g of natural caffeine per 12 oz. can), only this time we have pomegranate instead of anything unique. Starts of grape-y with a slightly bitter finish in the back of the tongue, but overall still sweet and drinkable. Overall, there’s nothing all that “wrong” with this; the “standard” flavor after the audacious almond+lemon combination is just a bit of a letdown. But if you didn’t like the almond, or just want something a little more familiar, this should give you a nice kick for a ridiculously small price.

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