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Specially Selected Stone Baked Garlic Cheese Flatbread (Aldi)

I loooooove garlic bread. Like, any kind. From those offered at pizza shops, to the frozen “Texas Toast” ones offered in supermarket freezers, to the homemade ones my wife makes using white bread, butter, and seasonings, to those covered in cheeses. Oh, the ones covered in cheeses…the combination of cheese and garlic is a match made in heaven, and rarely does it come together so well as it does in Specially Selected’s Garlic Cheese Flatbread, available as a Special Buy from Aldi stores.

Now let’s get one thing out of the way: If you are dieting, don’t go anywhere near this. When cooking directions specifically tell you to put a second tray down in the oven to catch dripping grease, you know you’re in for something that’s going to clog your arteries. But if this is what death tastes like, I would gladly welcome it. The cheese is delicious, while each piece is absolutely dripping with garlic sauce. Get a nice ranch or marinara to dip it in, and you can take it to the next level. I’ve seriously had many garlic and cheesesticks from too many pizza shops to count, and a vast majority don’t even come close to touching these.

Add to that the ridiculous price tag of just $1.99, and these are an all-around winner. If you need something to compliment your next pizza, or just want a generous amount of cheese and garlic, pick this up immediately–since it’s a Special Buy, once they sell out, it’s gone until the next time. Thankfully, this is one of the items offered the most, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before it becomes available again, but when you’re dealing with a product this delicious, even a few weeks can feel like a lifetime.

Overall: 10/10. I hate giving perfect scores, but this one deserves it. A generous helping of cheese, and a ridiculous amount of drippy, messy garlic atop a flatbread…what’s not to like? Oh yeah, and it’s only $1.99, which means it’s both delicious, and completely affordable on any budget. Most pizza shop cheesesticks I’ve had don’t even come close to matching this. This is one of the few products I make sure to grab just about every time it’s available…so will you.

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  1. LisaB

    I added pesto, tomato and spinach before baking. It was amazingly delicious.

  2. atom

    YUM! I can only imagine how good that would be…

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