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Benton’s Soft Baked Banana Bread Biscuits (Aldi)

I had never heard of these prior to seeing them in Aldi stores; my wife purchased the harder biscuits, though, and really liked them, which lead me to give these a shot. My main reason for doing so, not that it’s any of your business, is because I work an early shift (head in at 6 a.m.), and we don’t get our first break until 10. For some, that might not be an issue, but for someone as constantly hungry as I am, by the time 10 rolls around, my stomach often feels like I literally haven’t eaten in three days, hunger pains and all. I decided I’d get these and bring them with me in my lunch, so I could have a snack to tide me over until lunch.

These are relatively small compared to something I would typically eat for breakfast, but that also makes them portable: I wear cargo pants to work and can just pop these in one of the pockets, that way I always have it on me for when I need a little snack. The biscuit itself looks like it will be dry, and it feels like it is, yet the inside is mysteriously moist, which is an unappetizing description, but appealing in practice.

As for the taste? Well, if you like exaggerated, cartoony banana flavoring, then you are going to love these. It tastes like those cheap, prepackaged banana nut muffins that you can get in high school cafeterias and gas stations. I, for one, happen to love that artificial taste, so I really like these—my wife, on the other hand, would absolutely despise them.

They’re pretty small, but it’s just the right amount to get me going in the morning, and bridges the gap well between 6 and 10 for me, putting something in my stomach and even giving me a little extra energy. I really like these, and, as a result, will be looking at the similar things Aldi carries for breakfast. It’s amazing that it has taken me almost ten years to even think of bringing something with me to work in the morning…

Overall: 8/10. These have an intense, artificial banana flavor…which I seriously happen to like. They are small and look (and even feel) like they will be dry, but surprisingly they’re moist enough on the inside, and are the perfect size for a quick morning breakfast at work, or tasty afternoon snack, without being all that filling. These definitely won’t be for everyone, but I find that these satisfy my sometimes intense morning hunger pains while I’m working, while even giving me a little bit of energy. I’ve also found that I always wash them down with water, which is another necessary thing that I generally deprive myself of. This is a great little breakfast/snack for the price, and one that will lead me to check out other similar offerings from the German retailer.

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