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Little Journey Organics Apple Banana Strawberry with Yogurt Baby Food Puree Pouch (Aldi)

Well let’s just keep this Little Journey Organics train rolling, shall we? Now we turn our focus to one that, based on the name and my tastes, promises to be the best one ever: apple, strawberry, and banana, all of which are probably in my top four favorite fruits (watermelon would be number two, just behind bananas).

Oh yeah, this one delivers. The apple is probably the “base” taste, but you can definitely pick up on the strawberry, as well, through a rather strong tartness that comes through. The banana seems to give it most of its texture, but the taste isn’t as strongly defined as the others, much to my dismay. Still, apple has proven time and time again to be a very versatile fruit, and a great “front end” flavor, and it proves that again here…normally I’d be much more disappointed about missing out on the banana, but it doesn’t bother me much at all, since what you do get is pretty darn good.

The last one I looked at had rice in it, giving it a slightly bumpy texture. This one foregoes that, and has yogurt in it instead, which makes it more like a smoothie. It still has the consistency of applesauce—due to this consisting of purees rather than juice—but it goes down easy and smooth.

True to every one of them in the line, all of the ingredients are organic, except for the ascorbic acid. About the biggest difference from a health perspective is that this “only” has 90% of baby’s recommended amount of vitamin C. But then again, is the percentage still assuming a 2,000 calorie diet? If so, then even 90% should be plenty enough for most babies. The $.79 price tag also still applies, making this a rather excellent value, especially considering it’s organic! See, whoever says you have to spend more money to live well hasn’t visited an Aldi store lately!

Overall: 8/10. This delicious blend of apple, strawberry, banana, and yogurt goes down smooth, and is a sweet flavor most kids are going to like…I know I did! The banana is kind of hard to detect, which is a bummer since it’s my favorite fruit, but the apple and strawberry combination is solid, while the texture is a little lighter than a smoothie, but thicker than a juice. I’d like it a bit more if the banana was more obvious, but the $.79 price tag and the healthy ingredients still make this one a big winner for people of just about any age.

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