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Nature’s Nectar 100% Juice Mango Tangerine (Aldi)

Lately, I’ve been trying to be a little more health-conscious, especially when it comes to juices. Nothing too extreme, because I figure every little bit helps (so I don‘t require anything organic), but whereas I used to just purchase whatever was cheapest, now I don’t mind spending a couple extra quarters to get full juice content. This way, I at least tend to avoid the plethora of added sugars that come with the “juice cocktail” territory.

I’ve been pretty impressed with all of Aldi’s juices (most, if not all, of which are released under the “Nature’s Nectar” brand name) and make sure to have a little something on hand at any given time, either for straight-up enjoyment (apple, grape juices), or as a mixer in cocktails. So when I see them offering new varieties and flavors, I don’t usually hesitate to pick them up. Enter Nature’s Nectar 100% Mango Tangerine Juice.

I’ve only recently become a mango fan, after having tried one when I was very young and hating the taste and texture. It wasn’t until about two decades later that my wife talked me into giving them another shot. I still don’t love them, but I like the texture and the taste enough for it to be a “left-of-center” option when I tire of all the standard fruits. I wasn’t sure how it would pair with the tangerine (or the apple and white grape concentrates that are also contained herein), but I figured it would be good.

“Good” is an understatement, because this stuff smacks you right in the mouth the moment you start to chug some. I always find that many juices tend to have subdued flavors, especially ones where the main ingredient is “filtered water” (as it is in this one, which makes me wonder how it can be 100% juice if it’s swimming in water, but that’s a question for another day). This stuff attacks the taste buds immediately, with a mix of tang and sweetness that exhausts me before I have a chance to drink too much. And, in case you are confused by this odd description, I mean that in a good way. It’s got a good balance of tart and sweet that really quenches the thirst, but is strong enough that I don’t need to down a whole bottle to feel like I’m getting any flavor…the taste even lingers for a while after taking a swig.

This used to be only available occasionally as a Special Buy, but Aldi has since added it to their permanent stock, meaning that it should always be available whenever you crave the thirst-quenching combination of mango and tangerine. Which, after you try this, just may be more often than you think. Also, quick thought off the top of my head: this would also make an excellent mixer in a cocktail, and could probably stand up to even stronger liquors.

Overall: 8/10. A very strong, fruity flavor is balanced with a delicious tanginess that attacks the taste buds upon the first sip. I think a lot of juices tend to taste a little subdued, especially when they’re made from concentrate, but this stuff has a very strong kick that quenches my thirst without having to drink a whole lot. One of the best Aldi juices I’ve had, and that’s saying a lot considering I can’t recall ever having a bad one. Even better, it’s a part of their permanent inventory, so it’s available for year ’round chugging!

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