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Mrs. Freshley’s Delicious Deals Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts (Dollar Tree)

I love donuts, and I don’t think I’m anywhere close to the minority on that one. They’re an American tradition, like war and systemic racism, and probably the junk food that I enjoy the most. Enter Mrs. Freshley’s, the nationwide snack cake company that makes typical knockoffs of popular, existing snack cakes. I’m pretty sure their products are in supermarkets everywhere, but we’ll be focusing on the smaller packages of sweet treats that they release under the “Delicious Deals” moniker, which are available in Dollar Tree stores all across the land.

Examining the package contents, I noticed that the donuts are fairly small; maybe even a little smaller than the small size of most pre-packaged name brand supermarket donuts (although I don’t eat them often and could be mistaken). Each donut is absolutely coated with white powder, to where you oftentimes can’t even see the cake part underneath, which is definitely a plus.

Despite the similar outward appearances to competitors, however, these somehow taste different than other supermarket powdered donuts. And by “different”, I mean better. Loads better. Like the powder is actually made up of part crack, or something. It tastes like eating powdered sugar straight out of the bag…just a “fresh” sugar taste, but then there’s something extra in the flavor toward the finish that I can’t quite put my finger on—perhaps the flavor of the cake shining through? Whatever it is, it takes the donuts into “addicting”-level territory for me, and I’m not typically one to get addicted to sweets.

We’re talking addicting to the point where, if I stumble on these when I’m at Dollar Tree—and I rarely, if ever, actually have them on my list—I pretty much have to buy them on sight. And then dig into a package the moment I get into the car.

At $1 for four 4-count packs (16 donuts total), there’s some pretty good value to be had here, too. Again, they might be a little smaller than typical examples of these donuts, but getting four packs of them for a quarter each is certainly nothing to scoff at.. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you start stashing boxes of them throughout the house, and beg friends for money to continue buying them long after you’ve drained your entire life savings on a year-long supply.

Overall: 10/10. These donuts aren’t just “excellent for the price”: they’re straight-up excellent. I’m not one to get addicted to many things at the supermarket, but this is the one item I have to pick up almost every single time I’m at Dollar Tree. Despite looking like any number of other national brand powdered donuts, these somehow have a different flavor that just begs you to take another bite, starting off with the taste of “fresh” powdered sugar, before veering off into an unexpected finish that I can’t quite put my finger on, but that is the reason I keep coming back to them. As much as I want to deduct at least a point, it’s the perfect marriage of taste and value, so how can I?

As a counter-point, my wife isn’t nearly as impressed with these as I am, and she likes powdered donuts probably more than I do. Who knew taste was completely subjective?

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