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The Art of Shaving Tester Sets @ Dollar Tree!

I don’t know why my $600 phone camera struggles under Dollar Tree lighting every single time.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate shaving; the fact there are people out there that get satisfaction out of it just completely baffles me. I’ve also mentioned that I will not become a deal blog, because I’m always slow on the draw.

But every now and again, I stumble on some things within discount stores that really catch my eye, and that sometimes even make my jaw drop: case in point, this Art of Shaving tester kit, which was available (in large quantities) within my local Dollar Tree store.

If I need to explain to you what “The Art of Shaving” is, it probably isn’t for you, but it could end up being for someone you love, so here goes: It’s a high-end shaving brand: you know, the type that sell safety razors for $50+, and replacement blades for over $1 apiece. These are people that take the “art of shaving” (something that, to me, is more of a “hassle” than an art) very seriously, and then charge you large quantities of money for items that probably cost mere dollars to produce, just to prove how much “better” they are than everyone else.

Well here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about (or isn’t), with this kit that purports to offer up “the perfect shave”: The set features 0.1 fl oz. of pre-shave oil to get your beard all turned on, .2 fl. oz. of silky-smooth shaving cream, and another 0.1 fl. oz. packet of after-shave balm to finish off your orgasmic experience.

I tried it out, and have to say that my pre-shave oil packet appeared to be empty, despite being sealed (I ripped the whole thing open and nothing came out), but the shave cream is buttery smooth, and the after shave balm is…something I will probably never use again. But for men that like to pamper themselves, but live on a budget, this could be a good way to get acclimated to the brand. The only kind I saw was “unscented”, which is also kind of a downer, but I guess good for those sensitive to fragrance.

But hey, just the fact this is an actual high-end brand and not some bad knockoff is a pretty impressive feat for the Tree, making us one step closer to a possible future where we can load up on samples of the latest Chanel fragrance for only $1, without having to set foot in a hoity toity department store. And if that’s not the very definition of “convenience”, then I don’t know what is.

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