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Little Journey Organics Apple Banana Blueberry Baby Food Puree Pouch (Aldi)

After trudging through some flavors in the Little Journey Organics baby food line that gave me pause for thought, it’s great to return to one that should—at least in theory—deliver on the promise of deliciousness. That one would be Apple Blueberry Banana, a combination of three fruits, all of which I happen to enjoy.

Now if you read any of my previous reviews for the varieties containing banana, you will notice my sadness in how the fruit is poorly represented in the flavor department (something that I went ahead and verified with my wife, who has far better tastebuds than I do). No matter what order it’s featured in the title (which I’m assuming lists the ingredients in order from most-used to least), the banana flavor is very quaint, if not downright nonexistent. For a huge fan of the fruit like myself, this is rather disappointing, especially considering bananas seem to be the favorite fruit of many babies, if for no other reason than its soft texture allows them to eat it younger than other hard varieties.

Well I am pleased to announce that this one finally rights that wrong, by featuring a banana flavor that’s detectable among the apple and blueberry. In fact, like most of the best offerings from this line, all three seem to be blended together in just about equal measure. You might think this could lead to an overabundance of sweetness, but it’s really not at all—I thought it had the perfect amount, with a slight bit of tartness (courtesy of the blueberries) to keep everything grounded.

Upon further inflection, I think I would have liked this one a little bit more without the blueberry (it’s really a shame that the banana flavor doesn’t really peek through more in the Apple Strawberry Banana variety, as that really should have been its time to shine), but that’s more just personal preference. As it is here it’s still a very strong, proud entry in the outstanding Little Journey Organics line. Where else can you get this much goodness for a mere $.79?

Overall: 7.5/10. A great flavor, with all three combining equally to form a tasty, but not overly sweet, mixture, and the first one where the banana taste actually comes through! I think I would have liked this a bit more without the blueberry, but that’s just a matter of personal taste; as it is here, it’s still very drinkable and one that I would definitely get again. The simple, almost-entirely organic ingredient list and excellent value ($.79 per 4 oz. pouch) are also strong, positive factors. Who says these have to be all for kids? You need vitamins too, Mr. or Mrs. Parent!

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