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RE-REVIEW: Nature’s Nectar Organic Raspberry Blend Cold Pressed Juice (Aldi)

NOTE: This is a complete re-review of an item I looked at previously. Since the review was posted in November, I tried the remaining two flavors in Nature’s Nectars’ Cold Pressed Juice series, and thus, am updating this review to reflect that added context. The previous review redirects here, and is no longer available.

I was in a bind…my mouth was on fire from eating spicy Chinese food and the last bit of milk in our fridge was reserved for our son, who downs it like it’s his lifeblood. Out of every other option (save for water, which I had already drank too much of that day), my eyes landed on a bottle of Nature’s Nectar Raspberry Blend Cold Pressed Juice, which I had somehow forgotten all about. I cracked it open, and chugged it down.

I have previously reviewed both of their other flavors, and was kind of mixed on both of them: the green blend was good, but the veggie flavors made you feel like they were trying too hard to make you think it was healthy; the blackberry blend was shockingly grainy and a little too tart for my tastes (but mostly too grainy).

For those of you who like your juice to taste (and feel) like juice, I’m happy to say this is the best option out of the three varieties, as this just tastes like straight-up raspberry juice, more or less. To be clear, it’s not: on top of the titular flavor, which as actually served up in puree form, there’s also juices of pomegranate and cherry blended in, but the raspberry flavor shines through in every swig. Also, despite the addition of “puree” (which can sometimes thicken things up a bit too much), this one is definitely closer to a “juice” than a “smoothie” in terms of texture, making it an enjoyable drinking experience that requires no chewing.

I mentioned how the success of this line would depend on how Nature’s Nectar catered to both cold pressed juice connoisseurs–who usually like theirs freshly squeezed and not in mass-produced, shelf stable bottles—and those new to the idea, who might be put off by the…earthier tastes of some of the more extreme options out there. This one, in my opinion, strikes that balance the best, by offering seasoned cold pressers a minimal amount of ingredients, while maintaining a delicious flavor that will appeal to virtually any fan of raspberries.

All that’s left is the price: an 11.2 oz. bottle retails for $1.99, same as all the others in the line. Is it worth it to you to get what amounts to little more than raspberry juice for that cost? For me, it’s not an enticing enough proposition for me to get it all the time, but it’s definitely the one I’m most likely to grab again when I want a break from their normal juices. It offers up a delicious flavor and the benefits of cold pressed juice, but for a reasonable price.

Overall: 7/10 (+1 from original review). The most “juice-like” of Nature’s Nectar’s cold pressed offerings, this one serves up the nice, tart taste of raspberry in spades. It’s delicious, but at the same time, the flavor really does little to suggest a “cold pressed” juice, making it feel more or less like a $2 bottle of raspberry juice. Still, it’s the most straightforward and immediately accessible flavor in their cold pressed line and one that should strike a chord with both “experienced” cold pressers, as well as those new to the whole idea, and thus comes with a recommendation from me.

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  1. Unknown

    I agree that this juice is one of the best I have ever tasted!
    You just can't FIND IT ANY LONGER. I would love to buy 5 cases of this juice!!!!

  2. atom

    Yeah, it looked to me like it was going to be a permanent addition, but it must have been a seasonal buy. 🙁

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