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Unbranded (Worthy Promotionals) Oh So Soft Toilet Paper (Dollar Tree)

According to my research (and the packaging), this product is manufactured by Worthy Promotionals, based out of Alabama. I don’t know why a promotional company would be interested in entering the toilet paper business, but I have a reason it might have been in response to the nationwide TP shortage that we experienced months ago…if so, that might explain why four roll packages of their products are being sold at Dollar Tree, for less than their wholesale cost.

Anyway, I picked this package up because the rolls are actually larger than the individual rolls in DT’s “Soft and Strong” toilet paper, which means it should last a while longer. Plus, who doesn’t want a nice cushion for their privates when wiping? As a man, I certainly don’t require it, but it’s a nice luxury to have.

I don’t know what they were comparing their product to in order to designate it “Oh So Soft”, but it couldn’t have been anything less than sandpaper, because this is probably the roughest TP I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really have a need for my toilet paper to be super soft (like my wife does), but this is equal to, or maybe even worse than, the stuff they use in gas station restrooms. It’s that uncomfortable.

On the positive side of things, it does feel pretty sturdy, which means the only thing tearing will be your asshole when you use it…I guess that constitutes a plus? I mean, if it’s going to suck, the least it can do is not cause other messes. Another “feature” (a weird term for a toilet paper roll) that I actually do like is that the toilet paper sticks to itself until you unwind it from the roll. It’s kind of weird and annoying, but that means if you drop it while you’re using it, the roll won’t leave a trail of toilet paper all over the bathroom as it rolls away from you…not a situation that happens often, but I think we’ve all had it happen to us at one point or another.

There is another hint that these were kind of thrown together on a whim by a company that normally doesn’t deal in toiletries: the plies are very loosely glued together. I didn’t have any completely separate while in use, but there’s clearly a flappable gap between the two plies that hints at a rush job to take advantage of an undersupplied market. I will say that the toilet paper itself is uniformly wrapped pretty tightly around the cardboard roll…some brands look like they’re just haphazardly rolled on there (Aldi Daily Basics, I’m looking at you), but these at least look like they were competently wound.

Unfortunately, the positives are just moot points that merely prevent the score from dropping lower…they aren’t nearly enough to salvage this from the “do not buy” pile. But if you are going to get it, might as well grab it from Dollar Tree instead of CVS, where they are currently retailing for $3.99 ($1 per roll!) I can at least rest a bit easier knowing that I only paid a dollar for it ($.25 per roll!). Also make sure you grab some ointments or soothing creams you can put on afterwards.

Overall: 2.5/10. The “Oh So Soft” moniker is incredibly wrong, because this stuff is some of the roughest I’ve ever used. I’m not a delicate man who requires his toilet paper to be super soft, but I’d at least like to be able to use it without having to check to make sure I’m not bleeding afterwards. The plies are also very cheaply glued together, with noticeable separation apparent as you take pieces apart. At least the rolls are tightly wound and appear to be pretty tough, as I haven’t had any pieces rip or tear during use. And they are much larger than the rolls in other dollar store brands. Don’t buy these at CVS for $3.99 when you can get them at Dollar Tree for $1! But don’t get them there, either. Just don’t get it at all, really.

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  1. Unknown

    When I purchased several packs of "Oh So Soft" toilet paper at Dollar Tree for $1 each, I thought I was getting a great deal as each roll has 400 sheets. It is not only a little rough, each sheet is tiny. A sheet is only 3.93 inches by 3.34 inches, so I needed a lot more sheets to get the job done. It was also very hard to get each roll started, and a lot of sheets were wasted in doing so. I think I will go back to using "Strong and Soft" toilet paper from Dollar Tree, even though it only has 240 sheets per roll, but each sheet is 4 by 4 inches.
    I looked at a number of sites for reviews of "Oh So Soft" toilet paper, but this was the only one I could find. The price for a 4 pack was from $3.99 to $4.99 at every site I saw, so I don't feel too bad paying a $1 per 4 pack at Dollar Tree. The "Oh So Soft" is distributed from Alabama, but it is made in Mexico. From my experience using "Oh So Soft" toilet paper, I would not recommend buying it.

  2. atom

    Thanks for the comment, and glad you agree! Yeah, I looked for reviews on this beforehand, too, and made sure to post it as quickly as I could when I didn't see any…the public must be warned!

    I also bought a couple rolls of "Strong and Soft" once I realized how bad this stuff was…it makes even Dollar Tree toilet paper feel like Charmin by comparison! Agreed that I don't feel bad for wasting $1 on it, and I will end up using it all (eventually), but man that stuff sucks.

  3. Unknown

    I loved it , then again, I live in Montana, and we hardly use toilet paper! But it was good around here !

  4. Unknown

    Oh so soft toilet paper from dollar is great. Thats what i always buy.

  5. atom

    I like their "Soft and Strong" basic TP much better, personally. But, to each their own!

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