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Millville Strawberry Pastry Crisps (Aldi)

Well here’s a breakfast type of bar that I always forget about, so let’s give them a shot, shall we? (I’ll actually save you from a lengthy introduction for once!)

These look like they’re the millennial version of “Pop Tarts”, you know, since everything apparently has to have a “millennial” update, or be tied to a certain generation. (I’m sure you’ve seen those clickbait ads everywhere where millennials are responsible for causing disruption to a particular industry…barf.) Like Pop Tarts, each package contains two crisps, which are so small that both of them don’t even equal half the same volume as a typical toaster pastry. Getting less for more, that, if anything, is more akin to the millennial experience.

Anyway, as the “crisp” of the title alludes to, these are actually soft and feel almost flaky, with a light, somewhat airy texture. The pastry itself is lightly sweetened, but gets much moreso with the addition of the icing drizzle. In this one, we have a strawberry filling that honestly tastes pretty much exact to the filling inside the national brand of strawberry toaster tart; it’s a familiar, somewhat welcome taste that ends the pastry on a relatable note.

Each pack, which includes 10 crisps (5 packs of 2) runs $2.19, which is actually kind of expensive given how little product you actually get, but still cheaper than the national brand, so I guess I can’t really complain about it. If you’ve ever thought yourself too sophisticated for a toaster pastry, yet wanted to experience a very similar combination of flavors in a more upscale vessel, then look no further: your snobbish prayers have finally been answered.

Overall: 7/10. This is a pretty tasty snack, which strikes similar chords to toaster pastries. In fact, this comes off as a more “upscale” version of the famous breakfast food, with a very similar filling, and all topped off with an icing glaze. At $2.19 for ten small (but long) crisps, they’re way more expensive than toaster pastries, and you get way less, but for situations where lugging a large square pastry – prone to making crumb-y messes all over the place – isn’t an option, this is a nice, easily concealable alternative.

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