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Nature’s Nectar 100% Juice Mango Passion Fruit Juice (Aldi)

I’m not a healthy person. I don’t think it really takes a rocket scientist to figure that out; just take a look at all of the things I’ve reviewed. That means I don’t typically “splurge” on healthier versions of things, i.e. I don’t buy organic stuff (unless it’s the same or similarly priced to the non-organic version), I don’t care if items are “all-natural”, etc. Basically, if it’s cheap and looks like something I’d like, I’ll get it.

But we all have our weird “rules”, and one thing I virtually refuse to buy are juice “cocktails”, which are juice drinks that aren’t 100% juice. I don’t know why this is, but the thought of getting mostly sugar and/or syrups mixed with water doesn’t do much for me. I doubt that 100% juice drinks are all that much healthier, but for some reason I’ve just gotten it in my head to only get the “real thing”, and so that’s all I get.

Aldi has quite a few 100% juice drinks, but I go through phases where certain juices don’t appeal to me, and others just don’t sound good; this pretty much forces me into trying ones that I normally wouldn’t try. And this Mango Passion Fruit combination is a perfect example of that. What exactly is passion fruit? I mean I’ve obviously heard of it, but I couldn’t tell you with any kind of certainty what it’s supposed to taste like. At any rate, it was new, it was different, and it sounded pretty good, so into the cart it went.

Oh, this is a good one. It’s much more tart than their Mango Tangerine variety, which may turn some people off, but I actually enjoy it…it’s not “lemony” tart where you’ll have to pucker, and is offset by a good amount of sweetness that is also well-balanced. That being said, while I do enjoy its sourness, it’s not something I would feel the need to keep on hand all the time; I would prefer a more “neutral” juice that I could chug on when I’m thirsty, and while I can do it with this one under the right circumstances, it’s not a great choice for that. I’d use this more as a nice relaxing drink on a hot day, or maybe as a mixer to make a tropical-themed cocktail.

Each 64 oz. plastic bottle costs $2.65, and while you can get “cocktails” for much cheaper, I still don’t mind paying more for “100% juice”, along with some good vitamin C content. That makes value pretty good, although their more basic juices (apple, grape, etc.) can understandably be had for cheaper. If you’re looking for a juice that’s outside the norm, and happen to find yourself inside an Aldi store, this is a good choice.

Overall: 7/10. Fans of tart juices might appreciate this one, which takes mango, and pairs it up with a fruit that everyone forgets about. Passion fruit is like the mythical fairy of fruits: everyone’s heard of it, but who’s actually tried it? At any rate, this is one sour drink, but it’s one that’s also well-balanced with a generous helping of sweetness to help balance everything out. If you’re looking for a juice that’s outside the norm, this is a good choice, while the $2.65 asking price (per each 64 oz. plastic bottle) is reasonable.

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