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Simple Truth Dishwasher Detergent Packs (Kroger)

Here’s a question for no one in particular: Do people use anything else for their dishwasher these days besides the clear, pre-filled packs? I feel like there isn’t even normal detergent on the shelves anymore, or maybe it’s just because I like the convenience of just tossing one in, turning it on, and forgetting all about it. Not that it would take that much longer to measure it out myself.

Anyway, dishes were piling up because we were completely out of all forms of dishwashing detergent, and somehow forgot to grab any at the store. I generally get them from Aldi, but sometimes you have to work with what you got, and since I found myself inside a Kroger store, I figured I might as well see what they had to offer.

It wasn’t much, considering the aisle was almost completely wiped out. They had their version of Cascade pacs, but in more expensive, space wasting packages that I wasn’t interested in. Finally, after going over my options at least a dozen times, my eyes settled on a package of Simple Truth dishwasher packs. It was the cheapest of their remaining options, at $4.49 per 18-count package. For a brief moment, I hesitated and seriously thought about waiting another day or two to grab some cheaper ones elsewhere, but desperate times called for desperate measures…

Simple Truth is Kroger’s “all-natural and/or organic” line of products. I don’t really see a need for all-natural or organic dishwasher pacs, but I guess there’s enough of a market to justify Kroger offering them. I mean, are there really that many harsh chemicals inside dishwashing detergent? I dunno, maybe there are, but it seems more like a marketing scheme than anything else.

Anyway, I loaded up the ol’ dishwasher (which actually isn’t all that old – maybe four years?) and popped one of these bad boys in. It ran for a full cycle and I eagerly checked to see how it did. Well, the stupid thing didn’t do anything, because it didn’t even dissolve. That’s right, it was still sitting in the compartment, with all of the powder still housed inside.

Alright, whatever. We all screw up sometimes, and that thinking even extends to dishwasher packs (presumably). So I popped in another one…only to achieve the same exact results. The unused pack was sitting in an OPEN compartment, refusing to do the one goddamned thing it was made to do. I mean, come on: A dishwasher pack that doesn’t dissolve is like a broom with no bristles…there’s no reason for it to even exist.

These are complete and utter horseshit. Bottom of the fucking barrel. Completely worthless. Rubbish. Garbage. Pointless. And of course since they’re under an “organic” label, you get to pay twice as much as you would for an un-organic product that actually works, so you can add “A complete waste of money” to the list of phrases and adjectives you might use to describe it.

Overall: 0/10. A completely worthless product. I used them in our dishwasher twice, and it didn’t even dissolve either time, leading to wet dishes that were still dirty. Best of all, they’re twice as expensive as regular dishwasher packs, since these are “all-natural” or “organic”, or whatever. Well at least that means it shouldn’t harm the environment when I throw the rest of this shit in the trash.

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