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Well, this was not at all what I was expecting.

Simply Nature Organic Antioxidant Power 100% Juice (Aldi)

A bottle of Simply Nature Organic Antioxidant Power 100% Juice, posing next to a gold candle
Well, this was not at all what I was expecting.

Here we have the third and final variety of these organic glass bottle juices from Aldi, which is an antioxidant blend of pomegranate, tart cherry, red grape, blueberry, cranberry and a rather unique addition: purple carrot. This list hints that, like the “7 Super Fruit” version we took a look at, this concoction is going to be similarly tart, as it shares a couple ingredients from that one. The addition of carrot is pretty different, though, especially that it specifies purple carrot…that’s not a typical beverage ingredient in drinks that I’m used to.

We’re not going to waste any time with this one…we’re just going to dig right in. It smells a little…off. I mean, it smells how it’s supposed to smell, but there’s a tartness that’s encased in an almost earthy smell that reminds me of grass. Is purple carrot the protagonist here? I mean, it’s the only non-fruit ingredient in the entire bottle, so I expected it to have only a little influence on the final taste, but if my nostril proves to be correct, it’s going to dominate things a lot more than I was expecting. 

Yep…that smell wasn’t misleading in the slightest. This is by far my least favorite out of the entire line of overpriced organic juices. Whereas the others at least offset their high price tags with some rather addictive flavors, this one starts off with a similar profile to the “7 Fruits”, as I was expecting, before veering off into grassy territory. I mean seriously, it tastes like someone accidentally dropped grass into the juicer and no one caught the mistake before it ended up on store shelves. 

This might appeal to those who are into more “natural” drinks, like cold-pressed juices, because the taste reminded me a lot of those. Somehow, it even won over my wife, who I didn’t think would be into it at all…she even went so far as to exclaim it was her favorite juice in the entire line. (Hey, opposites attract, amirite?) So there’s definitely a market for it, but whether or not you fit into that demographic is going to depend largely on your fondness for eating leaves. 

I don’t mind occasionally paying the near-$4 price tag on the other juices in the line, because they’re addicting. But this one just felt like an all-around waste of money…at least to myself, although I can sense I’ll be buying some more for my wife in the near future. Personally, I’d take a hard pass, but if non-sweet juices are your thing, it might be worth giving it a shot.

Overall: 4/10. The taste starts off tart, like the “7 Fruits” variety, before veering off into…earthy territory. And by that I mean it tastes like straight-up grass. I don’t mind paying the inflated prices for the other juices in the line thanks to their addicting flavors, but this one completely missed the mark for me. There’s a market for this kind of stuff – like apparently my wife, who somehow likes this one better than all the others – but it’s definitely not me.

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