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Baker’s Treat Double Chocolate Indulgent Brownies (Aldi)

First thing I have to ask: What are the point of these? Usually, teeny brownies like this are small because they’re either packed with protein, or a keto item, or a way to limit calories. The packaging to Baker’s Treat Double Chocolate Brownies say nothing of the sort. So basically, these brownies are just small for literally no reason. And by small, I mean very small. It takes me probably five or six bites to finish them, but that’s because I tend to savor sweets and stretch them out as long as possible; if I were to take normal size bites we’d be looking at two, possibly three.

Anyway, this one blends the foundation of a chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips, which explains the “double chocolate” in the title. I’m a huge fan of white chocolate, so this combination looks incredibly inviting. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving, so let’s take a look and see if the visual appearance matches the flavor.

One bite in, and I’ve got to read this packaging again, because there’s no way this isn’t a diet food of some sort. The chocolate flavor is definitely muted and tastes “diety”. I can’t tell if it’s due to an artificial sweetener, or something else that’s meant to reduce the health hit of a typical brownie, but there’s just no way I’m buying that this is supposed to be a straightforward chocolate treat. It tastes like something that should be in the Elevation line of health and fitness products, rather than Baker’s Treat, which focuses on snack cakes and other sugary junk foods. It has a boring semi-sweet chocolate taste that completely overwhelms the sparse white chocolate chips. If “depression” had a taste, this would probably be pretty close.

Even beyond that, these things are dry. Just absolutely dry. It’s not quite akin to nibbling on a piece of chocolate-flavored wood, but it comes closer than I would like for that comparison to be appropriate. I have to ask, what product is this even knocking off? Usually the snacks in this line are a knockoff of the “Small Deborah”, or “Female Host” brands*, yet I have never seen a product from either of those lines that have the same boring aesthetic as these.

This is one of those sweet products that you derive no joy from eating. There’s nothing that stands out: they’re just kind of…there. Something that’s classified as “double chocolate” should, at the very least, be interesting; overwhelming even. I would have respected it more even if it was an example of the latter. But to just offer these teeny, non-descript morsels of nothingness is, quite frankly, borderline offensive. I mean, you know it’s bad when white chocolate doesn’t even register on your tastebuds.

I suppose this might appeal to those watching calories (after all, they’re so small they can’t contain that many), or people who like sweets with virtually all the sweetness removed. It does feel like you’re eating something that isn’t a junk food, even though it technically is, and I’m sure that characteristic alone might appeal to a broader demographic than I’m aware of. Personally, though, I like my snack foods to be moist and full of flavor, especially if they’re sweet. I mean, if I want junk, I want it to taste like complete garbage; I want to feel the diabetes forming from deep within. All these did was make my tastebuds yawn.

Overall: 4.5/10. Never has junk food been so uninspiring. Two different types of chocolate aren’t even enough to save these small dull, dry (drull?) squares, with the white chocolate getting overwhelmed by the semi-sweet brownie that surrounds it. Seriously, these taste more like something that would be a part of Aldi’s Elevation line of fitness and health products, rather than the Baker’s Treat line they find themselves under, which typically focuses on knockoffs of mass-produced snack cakes. If you’re watching your calories or don’t want a treat that’s super sweet, these might be for you. But if you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, this ain’t it.

*I started using false names for major brands from the outset, because I felt like it could possibly be trademark infringement to use their actual names. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s legal in most, if not all, of the contexts contained within this blog, yet I still do it because I must admit that I derive humor from coming up with ridiculous alternate titles.

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