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Choceur Burnt Caramel & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar (Aldi)

I’ve had a couple chocolate bars from Aldi recently, and I have to admit that they’ve been rather disappointing. That’s a shame, because Choceur is probably the one line that I feel most comfortable with – outside of maybe their chocolate coins (who, for the record, our son loves), I not only struggle to think of something that I would consider to be an abject failure, but even something that I would consider to be “well below average”. I don’t think I can say that about any other private label brand from the German retailer. 

This one serves up a “burnt” caramel in the middle, which is certainly different, and the main selling point that got me to try it. I mean, regular caramel would no doubt be good – it’s a proven combination up there with peanut butter and chocolate – but the addition of a “burnt” caramel promises to deliver a different flavor profile. How would it stack up to my increasing expectations?

For starters, each bar has five squares, and all five have a vertically textured design. It’s nothing all that fancy, but it’s something that gives the product its own character. Also a part of its character: it’s delicious, melt-in-your-mouth texture, something we can typically rely on from Aldi’s chocolate line. (Well, not only that, but Belgian chocolate in general). It’s a soft chocolate, which lands gently on the tongue and begins to melt away almost immediately. The fact that this is just Aldi’s “standard” chocolate – as opposed to a premium line – is pretty mind-blowing; usually inexpensive chocolates have that plastic quality in both taste and texture, but that’s missing from Choceur’s offerings. 

Now this is the melty, gooey chocolate I was hoping for in the previous caramel chocolate bar I tried…it strings out and gets all over the place if you’re not careful. I’m not sure that it’s an “authentic” caramel, but it tastes very good. There is also a noticeable “burnt” flavor, but I would venture to guess that it comes from natural flavoring, rather than the actual burning of the filling. However it’s crafted, though, it’s still very sweet, and isn’t that strong of a variation on the classic caramel-chocolate theme, but it really doesn’t have to be: the original combination is so good that messing with the formula risks messing everything up. And who would want that? Sometimes, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it never hurts to deck it out with some cool hubcaps once in a while.

Finally, let’s talk value: A single 2 oz. bar goes for $1.29, and it’s conveniently located right at the checkout counter, waiting to be taken home as an impulse buy, which is exactly how it ended up on the conveyor belt. That might not be an award-winning value – in fact, as far as Aldi is concerned that’s actually a higher price – but considering the quality of the chocolate, it’s more than fair. 

I would gladly get this again on a future trip to Aldi…in fact, I will more than likely snag another one on my very next trip. 

Overall: 9/10. This is an excellent chocolate-caramel bar, the likes of which I’ve been hoping to find at Aldi in the past. The caramel oozes out after each bite, the chocolate is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the $1.29 asking price – while somewhat high for an Aldi offering – is still fair, given how near-perfect these are. The “burnt” caramel flavoring isn’t really a game-changer – it’s just a “darker” caramel taste that’s probably made with natural flavors – but it also doesn’t detract from the already-legendary combination of chocolate and caramel. If you’re a fan of those old fundraising candy bars from the ‘90s, or just want to try a tasty example of chocolate and caramel coming together in blissful harmony, this is a solid example at a fair price. 

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