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We get it...they're "naturally flavored". They also suck.

Savoritz Mini Naturally Flavored Cheese Sandwich Crackers (Aldi)

Our four-year-old son is at that age where he’s just not interested in eating. He wants to play, he wants to drink milk (and only milk), and he wants to use his tablet, but he is never interested in putting actual nutrients into his body. Apparently, this is a thing that most kids go through, so we are constantly looking for foods – unhealthy or not – that will at least get him partially excited at the thought of eating. And that’s how we ended up grabbing a box of Savoritz Cheese Sandwich Crackers…because what child can resist the allure of cheese pressed between two crackers?

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product so proudly declare it’s “naturally flavored” so as to basically put itself as part of the title. Are they proud of that? The actual “filling contains real cheese” declaration is even put in a smaller font up in the top right corner…so they’re actually more proud of the “natural” flavorings than they are of the fact it uses actual cheese?

Individual Savoritz Mini Cheese Snack Crackers, from Aldi.
Are these assembled by blind people?

The appearance is where things start to go wrong. No, there’s nothing wrong with the crackers themselves: they’re appropriately small and uniformly sized, as you would expect them to be. The issue, however, is that the crackers look like they were put together by a malfunctioning factory machine; or a worker with a daily quota of sandwiches to assemble, who dozed off and woke up with an hour left in their shift, and frantically attempted to fill his quota. Almost all of the sandwiches are either slightly off-center, or massively off-center. Oh yeah, there’s another category: missing the other piece entirely. These are some sloppy-ass sandwich crackers that would honestly feel more at home at a Dollar Tree than an Aldi.

The flavor is…salty and underwhelming. These types of crackers are always pretty salty, but there’s usually a distinct line drawn between the taste of the cracker and the taste of the cheese. Here, there is no line: occasionally, you get the sense that there’s some cheese in there somewhere, via a feeling on your tongue, but you don’t get much actual taste from it. I had some pretty high hopes for these, and they didn’t come anywhere near fulfulling them. Even our son was disappointed, so most of the box ended up in the trash bin.

Really, you might as well just get a box of plain mini crackers and add that fakey cheese spray as an alternative. At least that way you could get them to stick evenly.

Overall: 4/10. These are some disappointing crackers, and then there are these utter failures from Aldi. The crackers seem to have been assembled by blind people, with many barely clinging together in the package. This might be forgivable if they were actually good, but that’s another issue: they’re not. The cheese taste is virtually non-existent, leading to an overly-salty taste that just misses the spot entirely. I didn’t know it was possible for cheese crackers to suck, but these are further proof that anything is possible.


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  1. Hugh Jerect ion

    You are a small person, with an unchecked ego and I hope you find peace one day, you monster.

    1. atom

      I’m six feet tall, so I’d say I’m average…certainly above “small”. My ego is checked daily by my wife, who wouldn’t hesitate to deflate my head if it got too big. And I think we’re all looking for peace.

      Also, I’m impressed that you were able to figure out my psychotic tendencies via a review for mini cheese sandwich crackers. I’ll have to learn to hide that in future reviews.

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