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A "Mexican" take on electrolyte beverages.

Reward Strawberry-Kiwi Flavored Electrolyte Drink (Dollar Tree)

I think I’ve mentioned before that the quarter increase seems to allow Dollar Tree to carry a wider variety of products. Or, at least, a wider variety of products within the same categories they’ve always carried. 

This one is an electrolyte drink that hails from Mexico. Somehow I knew that just by looking at it; the packaging just screams “Mexican”. There’s the clear, awkwardly-shaped bottle, and large unattractive lettering that shouts the flavor at you. At least you don’t have to dig for any information that you might be curious about. 

Like most electrolyte beverages, this doesn’t really taste like it’s supposed to. In other words, I don’t get “strawberry kiwi” out of this. I do get the “strawberry” which is very artificial, as can be expected from a no-calorie beverage. It’s neither sweet, nor strong, which makes it go down smooth. There’s also that trademark texture that feels like it’s “coating” the mouth and throat as it goes down. Does anyone else notice this? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like all electrolyte beverages have it.

One omission from popular American electrolyte drinks: sodium. There’s none here. I suppose that supposedly downgrades its effectiveness in the hydration department, because sodium “helps to deliver water to your body’s cells”. I don’t really care about that, though; it’s kind of nice not having that salty taste on the finish. And while there’s no sodium, there are small amounts of magnesium, potassium and quite a bit of zinc. I have to admit I don’t know what they all do, but they’re in the national brand electrolyte beverage, too, so it must be a good thing.

In summary, I would definitely get these again. The $1.25 price point is on par with their Pedialyte knockoffs, but it delivers over 5 more ounces per bottle. This wouldn’t be a constant part of my everyday routine, but it’s a good, tasty alternative to water. And the zero calorie thing – complete with no sugar – is also another plus. It might not be as “effective” as other electrolyte beverages – something I can’t say for sure – but it helps to hydrate in that it’s a liquid. That you drink. And that can’t be bad for hydration.

On a final side note: I’m really thinking the directions on the bottle are swapped. They state that children over 1 should drink an entire bottle every 1-2 hours while “diarrehea” (sic) continues. Meanwhile, adults should only drink 1-2 ounces every half hour, increasing the amount slowly. So children should drink 12 of these a day, as long as they still have the runs? But adults should slowly drink one bottle over the course of an entire day? Seems a little sketch to me.

Overall: 7/10. There aren’t as many electrolytes as the national brand drink, but Reward delivers on price and flavor. The $1.25 retail for 21.3 oz. is pretty solid, and the strawberry flavor (the kiwi doesn’t really stand out) is light, and only mildly sweet. There are also no calories, meaning no sugars or sodium. While the omission of the latter might mean it’s not as “effective” as other electrolyte drinks, the included magnesium, zinc and potassium help to cover some of that. It won’t be something I get all the time, but this is a good alternative to the typical “American” electrolyte beverages we’ve all grown accustomed to.

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  1. Ryu

    I just bought this drink today (in the blueberry flavor) and the honest fear I felt after reading the label that says “Adults: Can drink 1 to 2 ounces every HALF HOUR, increasing amounts slowly.” Mind you, I drank this thing over the course of maybe an hour. 3~4 hours later this thing flushed my entire body of everything in it. I mean, if that’s the intent then great–it does its job–but dear god it had me begging for mercy in the bathroom for a good while. Just a note to anyone who buys it…Prepare for the attack.

    1. atom

      I can’t say I had the same experience, but I’m glad you survived that horrific ordeal. I think just your description gave me PTSD!

  2. Chris

    The blueberry version is hell.. thought i was having a heart attack all morning throwing it up due to the awful taste- have tasted this flavor but that was a bad enough experience to not try again.. yeah, seems so that it hits you a bit even in small amounts

    1. atom

      Wow, judging from other comments, I seem to have dodged a bullet by not nearly dying after ingesting this. It doesn’t seem to be very hydrating if you’re vomiting/shitting out the electrolytes immediately after drinking it.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Nonia

    I have drink it to and have not had a bit of trouble. I like the Strawberry kiwi. It was delicious.

    1. atom

      Yeah, same here. I didn’t have any tummy/potty issues after drinking them, so I’m confused as well. I thought it was pretty good, and reasonably priced.

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