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Sometimes being different leads to failure.

7-Select Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts (7-11)

Let’s just continue down our road of overpriced convenience store fare, shall we?

I’d actually heard some pretty positive things about 7-11’s private label line, known as 7-Select. At least, as far as convenience store food is concerned. Their items admittedly aren’t cheap – about in-line with their excessive markups on other items – and therefore aren’t in line with what this blog is even about. But sometimes you find yourself hungry inside a gas station market, and all bets are off. Money is no object at that point: You need something to eat, and you need it fast.

That’s more or less the situation I found myself in during a recent trip to Speedway. We were heading out on a five-hour trip to Tennessee and hadn’t eaten. I needed something, but a breakfast sandwich sounded too heavy. Candy would have only made my empty stomach feel sick. Chips could have sufficed, but just didn’t sound good. Then my eyes wandered to something familiar and comforting: powdered donuts.

You know how sometimes you know you shouldn’t eat something, but you’re drawn to it anyway? If candy would have made my stomach feel sick, I knew in the back of my head that powdered donuts would do the same. Yet they were the only things that sounded even remotely good. And eating nothing just wasn’t an option. After a few moments of hesitation, I sucked it up, ignored the price tag, and pulled the metaphorical trigger. In other words, I bought a pack.

The flavor is something that caught me completely off guard. It doesn’t taste like other powdered donut brands. I just mentioned in a previous review (or maybe a future review…I never know when I’m going to post what) that all powdered donuts more or less taste the same. This one bucks that trend. There’s an extra sweetness to it, even beyond the already-sweet powdered sugar. It’s almost like a birthday cake. I can’t tell if it’s the cake itself, or if it’s a weird-tasting powdered sugar. Either way, it’s gross. I don’t like it. But I do respect it for at least trying something new. (It also passes the ultimate test of a product’s grossness: I still ate the whole package. Even if it was out of desperation.)

As can be expected, there’s no value here. One package of six mini donuts is a whopping $1.89. You can find better deals virtually anywhere else. But then again, you probably already know that. You’re just so hungry you don’t care. 

I will admit that, given the unique taste of these, I’m pretty intrigued to see what they do with their chocolate mini donuts. 

Overall: 3/10. I respect that 7-Select powdered donuts are at least trying something new in a crowded field of similar products. That being said, they miss the mark entirely. There’s an extra flavor in it that reminds me of birthday cake. I can’t tell if it’s the cake itself, or if it’s just a weird-tasting powdered sugar. At any rate, it’s not something I’m really all that interested in eating again. And the $1.89 price tag for one 6-ct. package is excessive, even by convenience store standards. There’s no way I can recommend these, but I am intrigued to see if they put a similar twist on their chocolate donuts.

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