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Above-average by the slightest of margins.

Sun Best Yogurt & Berry Biscuits (Dollar Tree)

I was at Dollar Twenty-Five Tree (that just doesn’t have the same ring to it) the other day, when I learned something: Even I have a limit. I thought I could browse that store all day without getting bored. It feels like every time I walk through an aisle I either see something else I want, or it triggers ideas of things I want to do. “Oh, I can use that to make such-and-such!” “Oooh, I didn’t know they sold those here!” You know, the basic reactions of most dollar store consumers.

As it turns out, all it takes is a wife with money to spend, and that rule goes out the window. Back when we were broke, it was a pretty straightforward experience: We would go in, buy some things, I’d listen to her complain about all the things we couldn’t afford, and then we would leave. Usually this would take about half an hour total.

If this latest trip is a sign of what’s to come, I might be traveling alone next time. We went in and started in the seasonal section. I went up and down every single aisle (well, with the exception of the baking supplies). I saw everything I wanted to see. I looked at toys for our six-year-old son (found none); checked out the “Plus” section that I never knew existed (with products over the $1.25 threshold); browsed the snacks and beverages; toured through electronics; went through the healthcare aisle. Hell, I even looked at men’s skincare products. I never look at men’s skincare products! I grabbed a small handful of items because I’m a simple man with simple needs, and I was excited to see what exciting things she had discovered.

So I retraced my steps. I went back through the store, looking up and down every aisle. She was nowhere to be found. I was starting to think she got abducted, or something. When I finally found her, my heart sank: She was still in the first goddamn aisle I left her in! Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But the slightness of the exaggeration is not exaggerated: She was still in the seasonal section. I was hoping – against the harshness of reality – that she had already looked around and just returned there to briefly see what she might have missed. But no, she hadn’t missed a single thing, because she hadn’t left. That meant she still had a whole store to look through.

That was back in mid-February. She’s still there. If all goes according to plan and she doesn’t get too sidetracked by new product arrivals, I should be able to pick her up some time next week.

Okay, I might have taken some dramatic liberties with the ending. But the truth is that I had time to go through every aisle five times. By the end, I was so tired of dollar store products that I swear part of my brain melted. I also just realized that I am here to review a product, and I haven’t even started the setup to that. My apologies. Sometimes a husband just needs to vent. 

One of the reasons we wanted to go was to grab some snacks. We were completely out, and needed some things to nibble on between lunch and dinner. On one of the many return trips to the food aisle – with nothing specific in mind – I saw Sun Best’s Yogurt-Filled Biscuits. They have two varieties: Yogurt & Honey and Yogurt & Berry. Both sounded good, but I opted for the berry since I had never seen it before. 

I think the best way I can describe these is “inoffensive”. The middle has a “yogurt” filling that I don’t really detect too much. Paired up with that is a “berry” interior that straddles the line between “toaster pastry filling” and “strawberry jam”. The filling is sandwiched between two “five grain” biscuits, and they taste like it. They don’t have the same appeal as the plain “breakfast biscuits” this company also offers (that taste almost exactly like the name brand). They’re not bad, but there is a noticeable “graininess” in the texture that detracts slightly from the overall experience.

Now, don’t get me wrong. While I may sound unenthused – and “inoffensive” might sound like a nice way of saying “bad” – that’s not the case. These are good. Hell, as far as my experience with Dollar Tree food products are concerned, they’re above-average, even. It’s just that there’s nothing about them that stands out. I will say that I have never had the name brand version of these, so I can’t compare the two. But judging from the other Sun Best biscuits I’ve tried, I have few doubts they are highly accurate.

All this being said, they are a good alternative to super-sweet breakfast items. And also a good way to start an unmemorable day. Which would make a very fitting slogan.

Overall: 5.5/10. These won’t blow you away in any area, but Sun Best delivers another above-average product…if only slightly. The filling is akin to a strawberry jam in texture, and also pretty similar in taste. The biscuits are a little grainy, which is to be expected considering the packaging touts the “five whole grains” contained therein. They’re not very sweet, which makes them a good alternative for those without a breakfast sweet tooth. If you’re on the fence about trying them, they’re worth a shot.

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