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Publix Deli Green Brewed Iced Tea with Ginseng and Honey

I’ve mentioned how Publix seems to be proud of their tea and lemonade selection. It’s not just evident in how much cooler space is dedicated to the beverages, but also in the sheer number of different varieties available. Lemonades are mixed with every other fruit imaginable to form weird concoctions, while the teas are also blended with every fruit imaginable. There are even limited edition versions, because apparently, people are that obsessed with Publix teas and lemonades.

With that in mind, it would seem no matter what variety you pick, you can’t go wrong. At least, that’s what I would expect given how many options there are. Clearly they are a company that wants to be known for their innovative approach to brewed beverages and fresh-squeezed citrus juices that aren’t even 100% juice.

I’ve tried a couple previous entries in their “deli” beverage lineup, to wildly mixed reviews. Now, our attention is turned to their green brewed iced tea with ginseng and honey. I have to admit, I’m not entirely familiar with the differences between “colored” teas. In fact, I have to admit I think my only previous experience is the canned version from the popular brand named after a U.S. state (think: Phoenix). Certainly this “fresher” version is going to be light years better…right? Please God, tell me I’m right.

First things first: It looks like piss. I didn’t realize it at first, but it looks just like half-gallon jugs do in our car after a long 10-hour trip. (Who wants to stop for restroom breaks every hour?) I’m sure it’s the same with many green teas, but considering the only other one I’ve tried was in a can, I can’ t verify that. And now that I have noticed that, it’s something I can’t unsee. I hope that observation won’t have the same effect on you.

Moving on to the taste, my assumptions were correct, but not in the way I was hoping. It’s inoffensive, all right. But that’s because there has to be flavor in order to be offensive. It tastes watered down, with a slight tea taste in the background to give the impression they were trying. It does finish with the sweet taste of honey, but that’s about as “strong” as it gets.

Honestly, I would go for the mass-produced canned kind over this. For starters, it’s much cheaper. For enders, it actually has something for tastebuds to latch onto. It might not be the greatest tea product in the world, but it’s got flavor, and lots of it. Publix’s version tastes like they took a can of that, and diluted it with even more water. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely something a little more “in your face”; a tea flavor that was at least a little more pronounced. Instead, it feels like I paid a premium price for a half-gallon jug consisting of 75% water.

I suppose this could tick all the boxes for the right person. For example, someone who’s thirsty and kind of wants tea, but doesn’t really, and also wants water…with a touch of honey? Okay…I guess it’s not really going to tick many boxes for anyone. 

But hey, at least it doesn’t taste like piss, right? 

Overall: 3/10. This drink seems to start off with 75% water, and then goes downhill from there. There’s a vague hint of brewed tea in the flavor, leading up to a honey finish that is probably the most pronounced taste of the whole experience. There just doesn’t seem to be much substance here, especially for the price. If you want to recreate this beverage on a budget, fill a half-gallon jug to the brim with water, then add two or three iced tea flavored drink mix sticks. Finish it off with a couple teaspoons of honey. There you go. You’ll get the same feeling of disappointment, but for under $1.

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