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I think God crafts small batches of these in heaven.

Bio Salud! Strawberry Cultured Dairy Beverage (Walmart)

The Bio Salud line of drinks is one that I’ve already discussed at some length, so I’ll spare you the long-winded details. Essentially, they’re a “probiotic, cultured dairy beverage” that’s “packed with millions of live and active cultures in every bottle.” That sounds weird, because I don’t like the thought of anything living inside a liquid I’m going to ingest, but it’s supposedly a good thing.

I previously reviewed their “original” flavor, which my whole family (including myself) loved. By the same token, I did acknowledge the possibility that it might be an “acquired taste” for some, as it has a pretty distinct flavor that’s missing from “American” beverages. With that in mind, we turn our attention to their “strawberry” variant. 

And somehow – against all odds – it manages to raise the bar even higher. It takes an already near-perfect drink, and improves upon it. It’s unreal; like fragments of liquid heaven captured in small bottles. And it has the kind of taste that appeals to adults just as much as kids.

The liquid has a slightly pink hue, which makes sense given the strawberry flavoring. It’s smooth and creamy at first, giving way to a slight chalkiness on the finish that leaves the sensation of a “film” on the tongue. It hits kind of like a yogurt, but is thinner and not quite as “milky”. It’s a rather interesting texture that further distances itself from other dairy drinks.

Don’t let that lackadaisical description deter you. The richness of the liquid base, combined with the fake fruit flavoring combines to form something that’s not of this Earth. It’s divine, like each bottle is blessed by the hand of God. The taste isn’t subtle, but it’s also not entirely “in your face”. It awakens the tastebuds, without overpowering or subduing them. It’s an “aperitif” and a “digestif” all in one; the perfect drink to bookend almost any meal.

Each package contains six 2.1 oz. bottles, which brings me to my biggest complaint: They’re way too teeny. It’s more of a tease than an actual serving. It feels as if you’re missing out on something; like the bottles are so small they can’t adequately contain the deliciousness inside. Like a photograph that’s been cropped down, eliminating important details on the outer edges. As I mentioned in my review for the original version, I’m not suggesting anything near a 16 oz. can. As good as these are, I agree that they’re best taken in smaller quantities.

A 4 oz. bottle would, in my opinion, be the perfect size. Even a bump up to 3 oz. would be a vast improvement. They would still be small enough to fit just about anywhere a 2 oz. bottle would, but with a more “complete” serving size. I mean, let’s be real here: Does anyone actually drink one at a time? My six-year-old doesn’t. I don’t. An increased bottle size would eliminate the slight but very real hassle of having to open two at once.

Oh, who am I kidding? They could come in .1 oz. bottles and I’d gladly open 40 at a time just to get my two servings’ worth. How these haven’t exploded into a sriracha-like social media and internet fad is beyond me; they’re ripe for the picking.

Overall: 10/10. Look up “perfect” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a definition that accurately sums these up. The strawberry version of Bio Salud! somehow improves upon the already-excellent “original”. The “cultured dairy” base is nice and smooth. There’s a bit of a slight, chalky film that’s left behind on the tongue, but not enough to detract from the overall experience. The strawberry flavor is artificial and candylike, but not overbearing or tacky. It blends perfectly with the texture to create a drink that couldn’t possibly have been created on this Earth. As if all this isn’t enough, six-packs can be had for $1.30 or less from virtually any supermarket that carries them. It’s a true “budget” product that delivers in spades. Just hope they never “catch on” as the next internet/social media fad, or they’ll be impossible to find.

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