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Savoritz Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers (Aldi)

If you are a fan of the national brand, and chances are you can tell exactly what product this is emulating simply by looking at the box, go out and buy some, because these are every bit as addicting as the “original“, and for at least a dollar less per box.

I had my reservations the first time I grabbed Savoritz’ Cheese Baked Crackers from Aldi…who wouldn’t?  After all, the product on which it is based is a nearly perfect snack, with a nice, satisfying crunch, and a delicious cheese powder that leaves you coming back for more.  The margin for error was such that I thought there was no way that these could compare.

Everything here is just about perfectly emulated, even down to the national brands’ sole flaw (at least in my eyes) of being pretty darn salty.  Don’t get me wrong, it never stopped me from shoving these down my gullet by the handful, but it’s something that you notice, especially the longer the snacking session continues on.  The texture is every bit as crunchy, while the cheese flavor is pretty much spot-on.  I’ll just keep this one simple and to the point:  If you like the national brand, I can confidently say that you are going to like these.  And if you like saving money, then you’ll like these even more.

Overall: 10/10.  Not much needs to be said about these, other than the fact they are an almost perfect replica of the national brand.  The crunchy texture, the strong cheddar flavor, and the heavy dose of salt are all here in overabundance.  Even better, it’s at least a dollar less for the same size box, making it an excellent value.  Once you buy these, you may never go back to any other brand…not even the original.

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  1. Mike

    To each their own but Aldi's SAVORITZ CHEDDAR BAKED SNACK CRACKERS are by far the worst Cheez-It knockoff I've tried. The artificial cheese flavoring, the stale-like texture that makes you want to gag after one. I wound up leaving the unfinished box in our break room at work thinking someone would eat it. I moved on a couple years ago so maybe by now someone ate or trashed them. I know Aldi tends to tweak their recipes for some products, even when its not necessary, but for some reason I doubt they would have done it to this one. I'm afraid to try them just to find out. I love saving money but I'll leave this snack to the national brand.

    But hey, their Nacho tortilla chips are excellent and taste just as good if not better than their Doritos. I see you haven't tried or reviewed them yet, so thought I'd point it out again.

  2. Anonymous

    Mike you are delusional the savoritz brand snack cracker tastes even better then the original cheez-its!! They are that good.

  3. atom

    Amen! I only buy these a couple of times per year because they're so addicting, I end up eating half of the box (or more!) in one sitting. And now I'm thinking it's about time for another box…

  4. Sopcop

    I agree the Savoritz brand are fantastic. I was just looking up the calorie info and ran past this article. Bout to go get a bowl of them and watch a movie now! 😛

  5. atom

    Haha, always a good decision! I can usually take or leave junk food like this, but the last time I was in Aldi, the lady in front of me had a box, and it made me crave them. Since I was in line, I wasn't going to go all the way back. As it turns out, she didn't want them, and gave them to the cashier to put back.

    I just told him, "I'll save you the trip", and added them to my order. lol. Then proceeded to down the box in, like, three days. Unbelievably good.

    Not sure if you like white cheddar, but they have a White Cheddar version that we just tried, and they were just as phenomenal.

  6. Sopcop

    LOL nice. I may have to try those White Cheddar version. 😉

  7. Unknown

    Aldi's Savoritx cheese baked crackers are really good. Crispy, flavorful, delicious.

  8. atom

    Thanks, I'm glad you agree! Their white cheddar crackers are also good, if you're into that variation.

  9. Tom Urich

    Very subtle differences – if any. Actually, the Savoritz have no artificial coloring, making it slightly more desirable in terms of health.

  10. atom

    That is true. Aldi has done a good job of getting rid of most, if not all, of the artificial colorings in their private label products.

  11. Unknown

    I am trying to buy by the case the cheddar cheese flavor for my brother-in-law. They were among the few things that kept his taste buds working. I live in Matteson, Il. and I try to ship him a case whenever he runs out.(Waukee, Il.) He said that the ones he bought there does not taste the same. Lately I have not been able to find enough to send hem a case. Aldi said that they don't come by the case. Is there any way that I can order directly from you and have them shipped to him? I would b more than happy to pay for everything. He has become addicted to them. Please call if you need more information 708-748-0488. Kathryn A. Harvey

  12. atom

    You'd probably be better off finding someone who lives closer to him that could buy a case in store and drive them to him. I just don't feel comfortable shipping them since the boxes could get damaged in transit or be subjected to extreme temperatures that could affect the taste. Sorry!

  13. Jim Preston

    Aldi Savoritz cheese crackers are an inexpensive copy of Cheezits. They are not as good as the original, unless you want a cruncher, less flavorful cracker. Plenty of people prefer the crispier, less tangy flavor of them. I have even tried making my own. The hardest part is getting the light and airy texture of the original Cheezits. Actually, the bacon flavor is my favorite, but, you can only get them in a box that has another type in it also. Can’t get just Bacon flavor in a full box.

    1. atom

      Agreed with these statements. Once again, I’m finding I vastly overrated a lot of older reviews, and this is certainly one of them lol. Definitely not a “10” – like you said, they’re less airy and flavorful – but I still grab a box of these every now and again. (I do love their white cheddar ones, though.)

      I also feel your pain about the bacon ones…my wife and I love the parmesan Cheez-Its but those are only available with the sharp cheddar! I wish they would release all of the “Duoz” as standalone flavors, even if it’s just for a limited time.

      Have you ever tried Better Cheddars? They’re circular and look more like a cracker, but they have a perfectly airy texture and might even taste better than Cheez-Its. That’s an underrated snack right there.

      At any rate, thanks for the comment!

  14. Lawrence Taylor

    Do they use bromide in the flour?

    1. atom

      What are the odds? I happened to have a box on hand. There is no mention of bromide in the “enriched flour” ingredients.

  15. Bill

    Thanks for the review. I love Cheeze-its but their flavor and texture has become so inconsistent I no longer buy them. One box will taste amazing and the next will be totally different and no one will eat them. In the current economy I can’t afford to purchase a family box just to gamble. Thanks again.

    1. atom

      You’re welcome. Honestly, I’ve found that I like pretty much every store brand I’ve tried (and I’ve probably tried most at one point or another). Even Dollar Tree’s is pretty good. So you shouldn’t have a problem finding a replacement. Sad to hear the name brand took a dive!

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