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Moser Roth Limited Edition White Cookies Chocolate Cookie Bar (Aldi)

Oh man, there isn’t a descriptor that gets me more excited for dessert than “white chocolate”. I know, I know, it’s not technically chocolate, which tends to raise the ire of more advanced choco-snobs, but I like my chocolate sweet (can’t stand dark), and white tends to be even sweeter than milk chocolates. My love affair for the Caucasian chocolates began in the ’90s, when I was just a wee little guy around the age of ten, upon first sinking my teeth into an Alpine White candy bar (as a side note, is there a candy bar more deserving of a comeback?)

This one, though, well let’s just say it pretty much tastes exactly like the national brand cookies and cream candy bar. I guess that’s not a huge knock, because it’s actually one of my favorites in terms of mass-produced bars, but I honestly had much higher hopes for Moser Roth’s version, since it tends to be Aldi’s premium chocolate line (with Choceur being the “lower-end” version). The cookie bits are bountiful and pretty tasty, blending well with the intense sweetness of the white chocolate.

The only difference that I can tell is that, as is usually the case in head-to-head comparisons, Moser’s chocolate is creamier and richer, both in appearance as well as texture. The national brand chocolates always look like they’re made out of plastic, at least to me, but this looks like a more inviting chocolate bar. As it turns out, it’s not just confined to appearance: these bars start to melt the moment you pop them in your mouth, which is excellent for the texture.

Like the other chocolates in the Moser Roth line, each pack comes with five individually-wrapped chocolate bars, making you feel like you’re genuinely getting something more special than a typical candy bar. In the case of their regular chocolate, that would be correct: it’s smooth, creamy, and utterly delicious, and well worth the $1.99 asking price. These, on the other hand, taste so similar that it’s a wonder why they weren’t just released under the Choceur label, in bags of individually-wrapped single-serving candies like their other knockoffs of major candy bars. If that were the case, I would have given these much higher marks, because I would have known what to expect, and gotten exactly what I was expecting.

Here, though, it also feels like a slight rip-off: The entire package is 4.4 oz. total, broken down into five smaller segments of individual bars. Walmart offers twelve packs of the snack size national brand (.45 oz. each) for $2.06. Some quick math reveals that the national brand package offers a whole ounce more of chocolate, for just an additional $.07. In other words, there’s no value to be had from Moser Roth’s version. Obviously, if it tasted better, or different, then a case could be made for purchasing Moser’s version over the name brand, but since they’re pretty much exactly the same, it’s already an apples to apples comparison.

In usual cases, a “tie” in tastes between an Aldi product and a national brand product is usually a clear win for Aldi, but here, it was a huge, HUGE disappointment for me.

Overall: 5/10. It tastes exactly like the name brand cookies and cream bar, with loads of cookie bits melded together in a little white chocolate bar. On paper, that’s a win for Aldi, right? Normally so, but these were released under the Moser Roth label, which are (generally) Aldi’s premium chocolates. A package of five individually-wrapped chocolates, totaling 4.4 oz. of weight, is $1.99. Other retailers sell snack-sized packages of the national brand bar for around the same price—only you get a full extra ounce out of their packages! I will say these have better texture and immediately start melting in your mouth, but those are just small, pointless victories. Why these were released as “limited edition” chocolates under Aldi’s premium label is completely beyond me, because, aside from the creaminess of the chocolate, they’re no more premium than the stuff you get at supermarket checkout lanes. I won’t be getting these ever again, when I can get the name brand for cheaper.

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