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Energy in a Cool Grenade-Shaped Bottle: Bomba Cherry Energy Drink (Big Lots)

For those that didn’t see my previous Bomba reviews, I’ll do a quick recap: Stumbled on these at Big Lots, where I was looking for some energy drinks. Since that’s what these are, these fit the bill beautifully. Fell in love with the unique glass grenade bottle design, as well as the cool matching “pin” cap (which you actually pull to release, then pull back to open). Even better yet? The price tag, which is just $.33. There, now that you’re all up to speed, let’s take a look at this one specifically.

I had already tried a sip of my wife’s cherry Bomba prior to drinking my own for review, so I knew what to expect going in. You know, one thing that I just realized that makes me enjoy this line even more, is that there is none of the typical artificial weird metallic flavors, or weird aftertastes, that makes up almost all energy drinks that I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, these are made up entirely of artificial flavors with lots of sugar, but I like that these taste more like soda than actual energy drinks, which is nice for a change.

The cherry version is probably the most soda-y out of all of them yet. It smells just like cherry cola, and has a very similar taste, along with the standard amount of energy drink carbonation. As sweet as it is, there is a semi-bitter finish in the back of the throat, and while that’s a little annoying, it’s nowhere near bad enough to be any sort of dealbreaker. It also doesn’t lead to a bad aftertaste, disappearing shortly after its arrival, which is another plus.

So far, I would have to say this is probably my favorite of the bunch so far, at least in terms of taste. And when you factor in the price, that makes it almost a requirement for the whole world to try. Get these while they last, because they are sure to be gone soon!

Overall: 7.5/10. This tastes a lot like cherry cola, with a(n artificial) cherry flavor that blends well with the carbonation and isn’t too syrupy. There is a rather annoying semi-bitter finish in the back of the throat, but it dissipates quickly without leaving a bad aftertaste, so it’s only a minor complaint. The small caffeine content (75mg per bottle) leaves a lot to be desired, but I did get a slight buzz so that’s a plus; paired up with the ridiculously low $.33 price tag, I can’t really complain about value. Overall, a solid beverage, excellent for the price.

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