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Little Journey Organics Apple Carrot Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

We’ve taken a look at quite a few offerings from Little Journey Organics, the Aldi baby product line if you are just joining us, and we’ve seen what is mostly an excellent set of products, with a couple of curious failures so bad, they have to be intentional. Now we’re going to be looking at a combination that, although very uncommon, actually sounds kind of palatable: Apple Carrot.

Whoa! The first thing I noticed has nothing to do with the flavor, but the packaging, which assures us it “Contains Vitamins A & C.” Now all of the ones we’ve taken a gander at thus far have had solid vitamin C content, ranging from 35% all the way up to close to 170%. Since there was no specific number mentioned, I expected it to be a small number, and in the case of vitamin C, it is: a mere 8%. But what I wasn’t expecting was the vitamin A content, which comes in at a whopping 440%! Pretty astonishing number, and one that many adults could benefit from, too, myself included.

Anyway, the taste is pretty fantastic in this one. I’d say the flavor is about an even 50/50 split, but somehow the carrot actually compliments the apple flavor, without really diminishing from it or tasting out of place. The apple gives it a blast of sweet, and since carrots themselves have a certain sweetness to them, it just goes along with the flow. I could see how some might have to get a little used to the taste—after all, it is a straight-up veggie/fruit combination—but I loved it from the first sip to the last. I’m not sure if this one is my new favorite, but it’s pretty close if not.

Like the others, it has the consistency of applesauce, so it’s easy for young children to swallow (the package recommends six months and up, though we’ve started giving our five month old small amounts, and he handles it without problems), and also makes for a decent adult snack on the go, especially considering each package is a mere $.79, and many contain lots of vitamins with a minor amount of sugar (this four oz. package contains 7 grams).

The ingredients remain minimalist here, consisting only of organic apple and carrot purees, along with organic lemon juice concentrate, and vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid), the only ingredient not certified organic. Considering the price, this is an excellent value and something that we constantly have on hand, both for our baby, and for ourselves.

Overall: 8/10. An excellent flavor. It’s probably a 50/50 split, or thereabouts, between the two titular ingredients, but the tastes actually go pretty well hand-in-hand, contrary to what you might believe. Some may take a couple sips to get used to, but I loved it right out of the gates. It has the consistency of applesauce, so it’s easy to get down for a quick snack on the go (or, for its intended use as a food for babies), and this one has a whopping 440% of daily recommended vitamin A. For just $.79, with all ingredients (save for the added vitamin C) certified organic, this is a ridiculous value—one of the best I’ve seen for baby food.

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