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Little Journey Thick & Quilted Baby Wipes (Aldi)

If you read my previous review, you’d see that my wife is basically a Momzilla (like a Bridezilla, only for parents instead of a would-be spouse), and is super protective of what goes on or near his body. (Haha, I was actually just joking and sincerely hope it didn’t come off that way; most mothers I know of are like that with their children.) Well, wipes are perhaps the second most important thing that will constantly be in contact with baby’s skin, and so it should come as no surprise that she’s just as maniacal and opinionated about brands of baby wipes—and this time, not even Little Journey is exempt from her stringent standards.

You see, she dislikes the name brand of baby stuff that starts with a “hug” and can’t be bothered to try anything that pertains to that brand. Well, the packaging for Little Journey’s Thick Quilted Baby Wipes compares it directly to said brand, which has automatically disqualified it from being the main baby wipe in our household. How am I reviewing it? Because we still buy them to use as “backup wipes”, either for when we run out of main ones and don’t notice in time, or just to use for smaller messes and mishaps, such as juice spills. I also have a little confession to make: While my wife probably makes sure to grab the “good” ones for cleaning up baby’s poopy messes, I just grab whatever’s available, and have used these on his bottom on multiple occasions.

I can honestly say I prefer these to the brand we normally use (which is Comforts, a different store brand). For the most part, to me, a wipe is just a wipe: as long as it can clean up poop and other baby-related messes without ripping, and without causing breakouts, then it’s fine in my book. By that criteria, almost any wipe is going to do the trick these days, unless your child has really sensitive skin or allergies to a specific ingredient. But what I like about the Little Comforts wipes are that they feel a little thicker than others, while the quilted texture actually helps with the grip, both in my hands, and with whatever it is that I’m wiping (usually a baby’s ass, but sometimes various spills or other bodily fluids).

In my opinion, the texture really seems to “grab” more per swipe than flat wipes: rather than just sliding through a baby crack and potentially smearing things around, these seem to get more to “stick” to it, which means fewer passes to clean up even the tougher messes, which means fewer wipes used, which translates to an even better value. To be fair, I haven’t used these for poop cleanup enough consecutive times to know if they would lead to skin rashes or breakouts–which I believe is the issue my wife had with the name brand of diaper–but in terms of actual use as a wipe, these are fantastic.

Even better is the value, with a 3-pack of 216 total wipes (72 each pack) costing just $2.99. This puts them about on par with prices from membership clubs, but without the requirement to buy boxes of 1000+ wipes at a time. (They also have individual packs for a higher cost per wipe, though the specific price escapes me at the moment.) That makes these yet another solid item in Little Journey’s impressive Little Journey line, and another solid choice for parents looking to help control the excessive costs associated with having a baby. Just think: You could have bought a brand new car instead!

Overall: 8/10. Although these are our “backup wipes” due to my wife’s dislike of the general name brand these are emulating, I actually find these to be better at cleaning up baby shit than the ones we normally use: they feel thicker, stronger, and the quilting honestly seems to “grip” more mess up at once than other brands, reducing both the number of wipes needed, and the total number of passes required to clean up even tough messes. And at $2.99 for 216 wipes (three 72-ct. packs), they are an excellent value. Chalk these up as another win for Little Journey! The only variable preventing me from assigning a higher score, is that I have not used these enough consecutive times on our baby to know if they would break out his skin; I don’t think they would, as he hasn’t seemed to have any type of reaction when I have used them, but can’t say for sure. At any rate, they’re great to keep on hand for backups or emergency situations.

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