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Bremer Frozen Corn Dogs (Aldi)

Corn dogs are a great snack that hearkens back to my childhood, yet one that I never really think about when I’m at the grocery store. For one, I feel like they’re kind of expensive for what they are…I mean, you have a hot dog, the world’s creepiest, and often cheapest, “meat“, and a layer of corn-based batter, the least expensive and most-used thing on the face of this earth. They should be, like, ten cents apiece.

This last shopping trip I was out randomly wandering through the frozen food aisle when they caught my eye. Six corn dogs for $1.99 certainly isn’t bad, and it had been years since I had them, so I decided to pony up and give them a shot.

As the box declares, and something I didn’t notice until after I had purchased it, the batter is a honey-based batter. I’m still not too sure how I feel about this. While it’s definitely not super-sweet, or anything, I always prefer my corn dog batter to be saltier and more savory than sweet, so this was a minor turnoff for me, though I’m probably in the minority on this. The hot dog does what it’s supposed to do, which namely, is merely to be enveloped by the batter. There’s really not much to them, aside from a “standard” hot dog flavor (a quick search of the ingredients creepily reveals they are “chicken franks”, and are thus made out of chicken), and a rather “tough” texture that is generally found in low-grade, cheap dogs.

I don’t find the flavor “bad”, per se, it’s just not my taste. I could imagine kids, and corn dog connoisseurs (which I guess are just kids) probably enjoying these a lot more than I did, so if you fall into that camp, I would recommend them. But these just didn’t hit the spot for me, nor did they take me back on whimsical memories of nostalgia like I was hoping they would.

Overall: 5.5/10. I could see myself getting these intermittently, just as something different, but they’re definitely not something I would feel the need to have on hand that often. The hot dog tastes like a standard hot dog (but is made of mechanically separated chicken), and also has the “tough”, creepy texture that’s typically found in bargain bin dogs. The batter is also slightly on the sweet side, with a honey-based batter (which, to their credit, is something they mention on the box; I just didn’t notice it until I had gotten home), something I’m not really a huge fan of. I got these as a little snack, and to take a trip down memory lane to when I enjoyed these as a kid, but they don’t seem to have the same appeal to me now, even though I’m still a child, only in the body of an adult.

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  1. Mike

    I hear ya on corn dogs always being a little costly, I think their popularity at carnivals for decades(possibly centuries, who knows) likely has something to do with that. While I don't mind the honey batter, I'd walk away the minute I read "chicken frank". That said, if you have the freezer space check out the Foster brand from Wal-Mart. I believe they come in "plain" and honey battered and are also of the all meat variety. They only sell in large quantities but that's not a bad thing for a freezer snack IMO, and as a result they average out to <20cents a piece…. You can't beat that, honestly.

  2. atom

    We never really have freezer space, but I think I'm still going to check those out the next time I head to Wal-Mart anyway (which honestly isn't very often, but still). I don't mind a good corn dog, and my wife and kid love them, so that'll be something we can all enjoy! Thanks for the heads up, as always!

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