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Fresh Finds Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Extra Crunchy Gourmet Potato Chips (Big Lots)

I already reviewed the “Jalapeno Popper” chips from Fresh Finds, which are essentially cheesy jalapeno flavor, and I thought that was it for their spicier offerings…but a recent trip to Big Lots unveiled that I was mistaken. After searching high and low for some new flavors, I finally stumbled upon plain Jalapeno Kettle Chips under the Fresh Finds moniker. Well how do these compare to the rest of the chips in the line?

I don’t get plain jalapeno chips very often at all, but I have to say these hit the spot. I worked with a lady who brought bags of expensive name brand jalapeno kettle chips all the time, and the flavor of these is strongly reminiscent to those. They’re salty, but with a great kick of authentic-tasting jalapeno powder; and boy is there a lot of powder to go around! Despite this, they’re not super-hot, but there was a time I shoved a few chips in my mouth at the same time, and they all had so much taste on them that it went straight to my sinuses. But assuming you just take one or two at a time, unless you’re sensitive to heat, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Or at least, not a problem that a little water won’t take care of.

If you like your chips on the spicier side, this presents an excellent option. I think I would prefer the “Jalapeno Popper” chips just a little bit more, simply because you get the pepper taste, with the added benefit of delicious cheesy powder, but for those that might not like cheese, or just want something a little more simple and straightforward, these should do the trick. As with all of Fresh Finds’ chips, these retail for $1.90, putting it about in the middle of the pack in terms of value. Taking the flavor and quality of these chips into consideration, Fresh Finds is an excellent brand for the price, and one you should really check out if you happen to stop at a Big Lots store.

Overall: 6.5/10. I prefer the jalapeno popper chips myself (which, despite the packaging’s claims that it’s jalapeno mixed with cream cheese, it’s actually jalapeno and cheddar cheese), but for those that just want a simple, yet delicious pepper taste without added flavors, this will fit the bill. I don’t eat many jalapeno chips, but these taste very similar to others I’ve had in the past, but at $1.90 per bag, they manage to be way cheaper than the norm. Who’d’ve thunk that a Big Lots brand could be anything special?

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