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Simply Nature Kids Apple Multi-Fruit Squeezable Fruit Blend (Aldi)

We also took a look at the delicious Apple Banana squeezie in the past, now let’s see just how their other flavor stacks up. This one is the more mysterious “Apple Multi-Fruit”, though it only takes a quick glance at the ingredients to see it’s comprised of apple, banana, mango, strawberry, and passion fruit. So presumably, it’s like a tropical punch of sorts. Like the other variety, this one is available at checkout counters in single quantities, as sort of an impulse buy for healthy parents.

Yep, there really are a lot of flavors at work here, and it does have a fruit punch-y finish after the initial apple flavor. Normally, I’m huge into fruit punches, but I think I actually prefer the simplicity of the plain Apple Banana to this one. This one just feels like there’s too much going on, and while the taste is still very good, a lot of the flavors just blend into one another, with no clear distinction between what’s what. This might actually be a good thing for kids who don’t like apples or bananas (or any other specific fruit listed above), simply because it’s hard to specifically pick the tastes of each out. I will say the balance of sweet and tart is pretty perfect in this one, which is no small feat given the mango and passion fruit juices (which don’t take much to overwhelm other fruits), so it’s neither too sweet or sour.

Again, this is by no means a condemnation of the beverage—I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up again, either, I just prefer the other one a bit more. As for kids, I would think a majority of them would be satisfied with either one. They are just sweet enough to feel more like a dessert than a healthy snack or meal, and the applesauce-style texture is also pleasant, light, and goes down smooth.

The same critique from above applies here, though: The Little Journey Organics line offers tons more flavors (12 to be exact, I believe, as compared to these two), consist almost entirely of organic ingredients , are .8 oz. larger, and have more vitamin C in each one (ranging from 35-170%), all for just ten cents more. Again, this is targeting impulse buyers, and even at this price it’s far from a scam or gyp, but letting you know where my allegiance lies. I will still absolutely get these from time-to-time as a little change, though.

Overall: 7/10. A collage of tropical flavors combine to form what is basically a “fruit punch” flavor. I love fruit punches, and this one is good, but I’d prefer the simplicity of the Apple Banana pouch above as that has more clearly defined flavor. Still, for $.69 this is a pretty good deal (though not quite as good as the Little Journey Organics pouches, which are very similar—just had to mention that), and a healthy alternative to many snacks out there, so you can’t really go wrong with either flavor. I wouldn’t hesitate to grab this again in the future.

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