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Little Journey Organics Apple Pear Spinach Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

Are there any combinations of fruit and veggies that those freaks at Little Journey Organics won’t blend together and put out for sale? There have been some real good, straightforward ones (apple banana strawberry, for example), but then every once in a while they seem to get a little bored, and force things together that shouldn’t be combined at all (who’s swell idea was it to put prune in any of these?!) Would apple pear spinach fall into that category? Or, against all odds, would it actually be palatable?

I’m convinced that this is about as perfect as a combination of these fruits and vegetables, in their natural form, can be. Yes, there are “fruit and veggie” juices out there that add in juices and purees from all kinds of vegetables, but those are generally sweetened to the point that you can’t even tell there is any vegetable concentrate in it at all. This is just straight up apple, pear, and spinach purees, with no added sugars or sweeteners (take that back, there is “lemon juice concentrate”, but those are in all of these varieties, so it’s probably used for added tartness).

The end result is…surprisingly neutral in flavor, with neither the fruit or vegetable flavors “winning” by overpowering the other. There is a little bit of sweetness from the apple, which is immediately negated by some tartness from the pear, and it’s finished off by the savory spinach, which brings it all full circle, taking it back into unsweet territory. It never becomes too sweet or too tart, or too “spinachy”…it’s combined at the perfect amount to make it as palatable as possible for everyone. Even if you hate spinach—unless you have an absurd sensitivity to the flavor, or see the packaging nearby—you probably won’t even notice it’s there.

This is fantastic, and a solid flavor that might even be a good way to introduce baby to vegetables and tastes that aren’t overly sweet. Also, like many of the other Little Journey Organics pouches, this one has a great amount of vitamin C (150%) which makes it even better. And at $.79 per 4 oz. pouch? For an organic baby product? I don’t think you’re going to find anything similar for under a dollar anywhere else.

Overall: 7.5/10. It’s about as good as a natural combination of all three titular tastes can be, as the flavors run a complete lap around your tastebuds: There’s the sweetness of the apple, which is then neutralized by the tartness of the pear, which is then canceled out by the “savory” spinach. The end flavor is…completely neutral, with no lingering tastes of any of them. That can be a good thing, as even those with a hatred for spinach will probably be able to tolerate this, and maybe even (subconsciously?) get acclimated to it. The usual praises of products in the Little Journey Organics line (high vitamin C content, all organic ingredients except for added vitamin C, $.79 per 4 oz. pouch) still apply here, making it an incredible value on top of a surprisingly great taste.

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