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Fit & Active Turkey Sausage Frozen Sandwiches (Aldi)

I love me some breakfast sandwiches, and it had been a while since I had purchased any from Aldi. I used to get them to eat as a snack before work, but stopped because they’re so full of cholesterol and sodium. They’re also kind of pricey…I feel like it’s probably a lot cheaper to just buy the ingredients separately, and make them yourself, something that I now want to do.

I actually saw these in the freezer case right as we were getting ready to get into the line, and decided they would make a good little snack to eat at home, or for a night that I wasn’t hungry and just wanted a light dinner. The “Fit & Active” part did make me pause for a little while–that is Aldi’s “healthy” line, and while I realize these still aren’t great for you, I was afraid the little changes they made (egg white, turkey sausage) would make them taste terrible.

Boy was I mistaken. Everything on this sandwich is pretty darn tasty, especially the turkey sausage, which tastes pretty close to regular sausage, and is bursting with flavor. The egg white causes the biggest problem–while it tastes fine, I had some problems getting it to heat up properly. I thought the first two breakfast sandwiches I made were done, because the sandwich itself was super-hot. Each time, however, it turns out that everything was hot except for the egg white, which was still nearly frozen. Maybe part of that has to do with our microwave (it is pretty old), but I had to nuke it for significantly longer than the instructions stated to finally get everything hot.

The English muffin is pretty chewy, but functions perfectly as a “carrier” for all the other ingredients. Honestly, this tastes pretty close to any similar fast food breakfast you can get, but for way cheaper than what you would pay at any of them (you may be able to get a sausage biscuit for around the same price, but not a sausage, egg, and cheese muffin!) Now, while I wouldn’t say these are “good” for you, they actually do provide 25% less sodium, 18% less fat, and 21% less cholesterol than Aldi’s regular sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits (provided under the Breakfast Best label); it’s no small feat that they were able to do that without sacrificing much, if anything, in the way of flavor. A solid choice for people who love breakfast sandwiches.

Overall: 8/10. I bought these on a whim, and was afraid that the “Fit & Active” part would ruin them, but these pack a lot of flavor into a package that actually is quite a bit better for you than their regular sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits. The turkey sausage is pretty darn close to the “real” thing, while the egg white provides the required egg, and the cheese is just cheese, something you can’t go wrong with. Holding it all together is the English muffin, which tastes like an English muffin should. These are very comparable in taste to similar offerings from fast food establishments, but at $1 per muffin, these are much cheaper. Wouldn’t hesitate to pick these up again.


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