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EMILY’S EVALUATION: Unbranded Sprinkle Unicorn Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pints (Dollar Tree)

Once again, I’m not the foremost expert of the family when it comes to flavors of things named after mythical creatures, so I’m going to have my wife fill in the blanks on this one. Again, we already reviewed these on our radio show, so this review just functions as a text recap for those who would rather read than listen. Her words follow, starting…NOW!

It’s got good texture, nice and soft, the way an ice cream should be. It also tastes pretty good for what it is, although I also think the limitations of being a dollar store product hinder it from being anything more than that. It’s just a blue ice cream flavored like cake with sprinkles and little pockets of icing. I would have liked it more if it had actual pieces of cake in there, but that is probably impossible at this price point. Again, it’s good for being a dollar, but no one is ever going to confuse this with an actual premium brand. There’s just not enough there. Oh, and the blue stains your mouth for hours after eating it. I understand if it did that a little bit – and I understand that it might make it even more fun for children – but it’s like they poured an entire bottle of blue food coloring into every pint. I wish they would have toned that down a little bit more, too.

I will say that the value in the ice creams aren’t quite as good as the sherbet; you can get full 48 oz. cartons of ice creams for around $2 at places like Aldi and Walmart, at least here in the Midwest (it would take 3 pints and $3 to reach 42 oz., still leaving you 6 oz. short). However, it’s a pretty solid price for a pint, which are usually more expensive (per ounce) to get you into buying the larger containers. Like everything else, it all comes down to personal preference. I kind of like the size, since it mostly discourages waste…not that ice cream typically goes to waste in our house, but still. And the pints are definitely a more compact size than the cartons, which take up more freezer space. At any rate, given the low cost, it’s certainly worth a try. And you might want to act fast on that, considering I’m sure they’ll be pretty much consistently sold out all throughout summer.

Overall: 6/10. This one isn’t as much of a cut-and-dry success as the orange sherbet, but it’s definitely better than most of the other varieties. The blue-colored ice cream aggressively sticks to everything (the insides of your mouth will be painted dark blue for hours), and my wife would have liked to have seen actual cake pieces (instead of just icing and sprinkles blended in throughout), but for a dollar, she was impressed with the overall taste. Value isn’t as great as the sherbet (would cost $3 to buy 42 oz. worth of ice cream, which is 6 oz. less than the standard 48 oz. carton size; here in the Midwest, we can get 48 oz. cartons for around $2 at Walmart and Aldi), but it’s still very reasonable. Worth a try if you’re into it, and great as a summertime treat for the kids, but it probably won’t win over any non-fans of unicorn products.

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  1. Pnut

    Unicorn Ice cream?!?That ice cream had me pooping rainbows. The blue dye is so super potent that I imagine my insides were just as blue as my mouth. It was shocking looking in the toilet for the next 2 days as I pooped different shades of blue and green and felt crappy in general. You get what you pay for…bought it at the dollar store..never again. "Unicorn" is another word for extremely processed and artificial.

    1. ArCadeCarpet

      PHEW! I found the suspect! I had this a day ago and was SHOCKED for a moment to find bright green in the toilet! I’m just relieved ice cream was the culprit haha

      1. atom

        Haha, yeah it’s pretty alarming. I’m glad I could save you an emergency trip to the ER, haha.

        Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. atom

    Oh, no doubt. It was definitely an unnecessary overload of artificial dyes and, while my wife liked it, will probably never buy it again. There are just too many better, less poop-coloring options out there.

  3. Th3INTR00DR

    I just finished a carton of it…. it deserves a solid 8/10… sorry for the buck price point here in NYC… you can't beat it. though Cream and milk is subsidized by the Gov. (we have a shit load so they pay farmers for excess ) and can get a pint of premium NY cow grown ice cream for 4$ …. yes 4$ organic ice cream gra yes it's only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry(non organic )

  4. atom

    Oh, no doubt that getting anything for $1 in NYC would be a huge bargain, and I'd probably rate it higher if I were used to paying New York prices for ice cream! Things are a little more…realistic over here in Ohio, haha.

    But $4 for organic ice cream?! I'd pay to try that, for sure! I'll bet you can taste the freshness…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Thanks for the comment!

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