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Clancy’s Cinnamon Apple Straws (Aldi)

My wife and I (what an adorable little gal) have this little running “joke” (if that’s even the right term) that Aldi listens to our conversations when deciding what to offer for Special Buys. This came about because it seems every single thing we say we need (or just want) – whether it be some shoes for our child, socks for me, shirts for my wife, or stuff for the home – ends up in the following week’s Aldi ad. I’m not a believer in “fate”, or any idea like that, but it really has happened enough times that it’s almost bizarre (even though I’m sure it’s just marketing and psychology doing their parts).

The latest example of this: Clancy’s Cinnamon Apple Straws. My wife had just purchased the national brand apple straws just the other day (after not buying any for over a year) and, voila! That next week, Aldi’s version appears in the ad. Even though she had a couple bags of the “original” at home, I decided to splurge on Clancy’s version, both to compare, and just because I kind of wanted my own bag…these things are good!

I ate some of the national brand apple cinnamon straws just the other day, and while I enjoyed the apple flavor quite well, I distinctly remember thinking that the cinnamon was seriously lacking. The initial flavor tasted like the cinnamon would bring up the rear, and deliver a semi-strong cinnamon taste (I at least want to feel it on my taste buds), but it never came; the end result left me wanting more – and not in a good way.

Leave it to those fine folks at Clancy’s to deliver a product that not only meets the disappointing expectations of the name brand, but actually improves upon it, while charging a fraction of the price. You remember those cheap cinnamon “churros” at Taco Bell, which is basically deep fried air covered in cinnamon sugar? Well, the sweet coating on these is strongly reminiscent to the flavor of those. I won’t say it’s as sweet, because it’s not, but it hits the tastebuds in a similar way. Unlike the national brand, the apple doesn’t take a backseat to the sugary goodness, rising up with a fairly accurate fruit flavor that forms a deadly combination.

While taste is arguably the most important criteria as to whether or not a product is “worth it”, texture is probably a close second. Especially when the original is so light and airy that it’s almost like eating a dream. Even the slightest hint of grain in the consistency could threaten to ruin an otherwise solid taste experience. Well, I’m here to break you some good news: These are every bit as mouth-watering as the name brand. They have the same dreamy texture, one that melts in your mouth almost the second in comes into contact with the tongue. It’s one of those products that can be deadly; once you pick up a bag, you’ve basically committed to eating at least half of its contents.

Honestly, I find it a little hard to believe that one single ounce serving (approximately 35 straws) contains just a mere 4g of total sugars, because these things are very sweet. That’s also bad news for anyone looking for a reason to stop eating them once they start.

Overall: 8.5/10. These are some fantastic, dare I say “healthy”, straws, with a strong apple flavor that’s complimented nicely by a generous helping of cinnamon sugar that goes down all too easily. The straws themselves are light and airy, melting in your mouth almost the moment they make contact. This is one of those private label products that actually improve upon the name brand, delivering every flavor in spades. Well worth the $1.99 asking price…and then some.

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