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Elevation Grape Energy Powder Drink Mix Sticks (Aldi)

Another week and another energy beverage! These have to be the one category I review the most…for those of you who just drink coffee or abstain completely from the practice, my apologies.

Anyway, this time the energy is coming from a different kind of source: not a shot, or an energy drink (per se), but rather in the form of powder! It’s meant to be snorted for…oh wait, nevermind. Scratch that. It’s not that kind of powder. Instead, this one is meant to be dissolved in water to give you some flavor to go with your hydration, while simultaneously giving you a kick in the ass to get going.

The grape here is very fake…much like grape Kool-Aid, or something of the sort. I can’t really say I’m shocked, though, as that is unfortunately what most grape drinks end up tasting like. It’s not great (grape isn’t my favorite anything), but it’s drinkable in a pinch. You won’t love yourself afterwards, but it could be a lot worse.

It did give me a little energy boost, which is a good thing, but it was more of a “paranoid” and “angry” boost – where I tend to hate everything for no reason – rather than a productive one. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve noticed that different kinds of energy drinks give me different types of energy: shots seem to give me the straight ahead “productive” boost that I like, maybe because my body is more used to those. Pretty much everything outside of a shot (i.e. the actual “drinks”) either end up making me feel paranoid, or very angry out of nowhere, like my body is trying to reject it. It’s weird, and not really a feeling I like experiencing. But hey, sometimes I get sick of shots, or want a drink that I can drag out over a longer period of time, and this fits the bill.

Another thing I don’t like with the whole idea: water is meant to hydrate, while caffeine is meant to energize. I feel like those are almost two contradictory ideas contained in the same drink. I don’t feel hydrated or refreshed after drinking a bottle…in fact, if anything I almost feel dehydrated; like my mouth is dry and I need actual water to offset that. That’s also not a feeling I like having, especially since I already hate drinking plain water. I should feel hydrated and energized, but instead have to settle for 50% of that.

Overall: 5.5/10. It works, but not as well as other drinks I’ve had, and the grape flavor is just a shame…it’s not that it’s really bad, it’s just a very “Kool-Aidy” grape flavor that I thought adult products had outgrown. I also don’t like that it tends to make my mouth feel dry, which is the exact opposite thing I want after drinking water of any kind. It’s okay, I guess, and will no doubt be much better for the right person; it’s just not a product suited for my needs.

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