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Kroger Grape Extra Strength Energy Support Energy Shot (Kroger)

What do we have here? For, like, a month or two a couple years ago, I noticed that Kroger seemed to carry their own private label energy shots…in fact, one time they had a variety of flavors in the clearance bin. Their shots were second only to Aldi in terms of price (you had to get them in two-packs to maximize savings, but they were $1.49 per two pack, or $.75 per shot) and had solid flavors to boot. In other words, if they were still being offered, they would be the new energy shot hero.

Alas, shortly after spotting them for the first time, they seemed to vanish, and I assumed it would be forever. Well, as it turns out, either I wasn’t very observant (they are in the health supplement aisle, after all, an aisle I rarely, if ever, go down), or they started carrying them again, because I spotted both 6-packs, and individual bottles, at Kroger.

Disappointingly, both options were limited to berry; to help make up for that, they were both at least the extra strength variety, of which I am accustomed to. Back to the disappointments: Much like the Aldi version, no longer are these the spectacular value they once were: individual bottles go for $1.25, while the six-packs go for $6, saving you $1.50 off purchasing six individual bottles.

Well, after all my excitement, go ahead and chalk this one up as a disappointment: while it smells fairly close to the name brand, there’s a rather strong variance in flavor that does not bode well for Kroger’s version. In fact, it shares more in common with Stacker2 – the company who makes some of the worst-tasting energy shots on the market – than it does the national brand, with a watered-down flavor that does eventually lead into some medium-grade sourness on the finish.

It’s not a good taste at all, which is a shame considering the price has gone up so high. It might have been slightly more forgivable at $.75, but with the price jacking up to $1.25, then it’s much less forgiving. I’ve liked the other Kroger energy shots I’ve tried (the rare one of them I had), so I had high hopes for this one, but ended up being nothing but disappointed.

This might be someone’s idea of a good energy shot, but it’s certainly not mine. If you’re looking for something that has some sour edge, but with a much better flavor, then Tweaker just might be what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a more standard energy shot taste, then Aldi’s Red Thunder shots should be what you need, and for a few coins cheaper.

Overall: 5/10. One of the most standard energy shot flavors (berry) gets skewered in this maximum strength shot from Kroger. The taste is watered down at first, but then a sourness kicks in and takes over from there, ending the experience on a sour note. Back when Kroger’s shots were sold in two-packs for $1.49 ($.75 each to save you the trouble), this would be more forgivable; now that the price has gone up to $1.25 per bottle, it’s a little less forgivable. Think Stacker2 meets Tweaker and you’re about on the right track.

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