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Choceur “Silly” Almond Bits with Milk Chocolate Mood Bar (Aldi)

We already took a look at a different “mood bar” from Choceur’s Valentine’s Day line, so let’s forge ahead with another one, shall we? This one is called “Silly” and, as you would expect from a bar with that name, consists of milk chocolate and almonds. Okay, clearly I’m kidding: I don’t understand at all how any of these match up with the names they were given, since most are relatively standard flavors. (Well, save for maybe “flirty” with its strawberry champagne flavor and popping candy.)

I’ve always been a big fan of chocolate-almond bars, so I was excited to get my hands on this one. They’re also not bars that I tend to get all the time, which makes it kind of like a special treat.

Each of the bars in this line come in at $1.49 per 1.75 oz bar. That’s actually some solid value for a chocolate bar, and especially one of Choceur’s quality (well, at least their usual quality). Especially considering a lot of chocolate products are severely marked up for the ol’ lover’s day season, this is a nice, affordable way to show the one you care about that…they’re silly? You’re silly? I don’t really know. At any rate, it’s an affordable way to give someone a chocolate bar.

Let’s see how it is, shall we? Well, we already know what to expect from the chocolate itself in this line…I would assume that the company uses the same chocolate base all the way across the board. And judging from the textured top that is a feature of the other bars I’ve seen, I would venture to say that I am right. It’s the same melt-in-your-mouth experience that we’ve come to expect from Choceur.

I prefer my almonds to be in big chunks…and that is definitely not what we get here. They’re ground down to little teeny pieces that don’t really do a whole lot but make the texture weird. At least with the bigger chunks, you know you’re getting some nuts in there; with this, if you didn’t read the packaging, you might think there are little specks of some foreign particle in your chocolate bar.

The flavor is okay, but honestly a little disappointing to me. Maybe I just misremembered the taste of these bars from the glory days, or maybe I’m not a huge fan of chocolate and almond after all, but it just didn’t taste all that good to me; it tastes cheap and fakey, at least to these ol’ tastebuds. The milk chocolate makes it sweet and counterbalances the dryness of the almond to some extent, but the overall flavor just isn’t very good; or at the very, least, wasn’t what I was expecting.

These aren’t inedible bars by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re a few steps below what I would expect from the Choceur line.

Overall: 4/10. Consider these another disappointing entry into Choceur’s “mood bar” line, with finely ground almonds inserted into chocolate, delivering a rather ho-hum experience overall. The chocolate is melt-in-your-mouth, as always, but mixed with the almonds gives it kind of a fakey taste that just isn’t all that enticing. While the packaging is minimalistically cute, if you’re looking to impress your lover or wannabe companion this Valentine’s Day season, I think there are plenty of better bars to do it with.

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