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Benton’s Double Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Aldi)

An opened package of Benton's Double Stuffed Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, from Aldi.
Is there such a thing as “overstuffed”?

I was sent to Aldi to get some chocolate sandwich cookies, because my wife was interested in dipping them in milk…a delicious treat that I like to partake in, myself. The last time I went to do that same task, I thought I had grabbed the “double stuffed” variety, when in fact, I had just grabbed the regular. My wife wasn’t all that upset, but I was – my favorite part of the entire cookie is the cream, so I was hoping to get an overload of creamy flavor.

Based on appearance, these look pretty close to the name brand, with a design shaped out in the chocolate cookie part. On the inside, just from taking a quick glance, you can see an outrageous amount of cream stuffed between the middle; I’d have to say this is more than I’ve seen in other store brands.

So how are these? In a word: overwhelming. We’re talking there’s so much cream that you can barely even taste the chocolate cookie…it almost feels like it’s only there to serve as a change in texture, offering up a little crunch to go along with the neverending creaminess. The cream is overly sweet, as you would expect, so the fact that there’s so much of it makes it stand out even more. Remember, I really like the cream taste, and while I also like these a lot more than my wife did, even I have to throw in the towel after two or three, simply because my tastebuds are overwhelmed.

As for my wife, she was relatively disappointed. Remember when I told you she always dips her cookies in milk? Well, her favorite part is making the chocolate cookie soggy; while she can still do that here, the cream never changes its texture, leaving her with a mouthful of stuff she doesn’t want. So if you’re a milk dipper like her, you might want to stick to just the “regular stuffed” version.

As for the cookie part: they’re as boring as any other brand. I never really cared for the cookie, as it offers up a slightly bitter, uninteresting cocoa taste to go along with its dryness. That’s what I’ve always disliked about chocolate sandwich cookies: the dryness. You have this middle of heavenly sweetness, and then the outsides are like eating sandpaper. I guess within this context, it flows pretty well together, but it’s not my favorite dessert.

One curious thing: you have to dig to get these at Aldi. I mean really dig. Based on what I saw (and I saw two or three new boxes of these on the shelf), ¾ of the box consists of regular, with a handful of “double stuffed” residing on the bottom. I had to take several layers off the top just to reach them…it was kind of a hassle. So it doesn’t seem to be a 50/50 mix, unless there was something I’m missing. Who wants to go digging for Double Stuffed chocolate sandwich cookies? Not me!

These are good, but a little bit goes a long way.

Overall: 6.5/10. When these say “Double Stuffed”, they ain’t lying: these might have more creamy filling than any other brand I’ve seen. Seriously, there’s so much between some that you can barely even taste the chocolate cookie…that might be a selling point for some, but for people like my wife – who love dipping the cookie in milk – it’s more of an unwanted distraction. I love the sweetness and even I get sick of these after two or three. Good, but one of those things that you’ll probably be sick of by the time the package is empty.

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  1. bob

    better than OREOs by far. thinner smaller cookie but super stuffed.

    1. atom

      If anything, almost TOO stuffed. But I agree that these are delicious.

  2. River

    I live north of Pittsburgh and the two Aldi stores in our area have been out of the Benton sandwich cookies since July 2022. Both the regular and double stuffed. They still have a place for them on the shelf but I go to one store or the other twice a week and have not seen them since early summer.

    1. atom

      We live in Ohio and they were out at our store last week, too. I tell ya: These are some crazy times. The weirdest things seem to be consistently out of stock. Not just at Aldi, but everywhere. I’m hoping it’s just a supply chain issue that gets corrected in the near future. The fact there’s still space for them on the shelves is a good sign, though…

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