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Casa Mamita Bean and Cheese Burritos (Aldi)

An opened package of Casa Mamita Bean and Cheese Burritos, from Aldi
These taste more like “bean and bean” burritos.

I never get these things, because they kind of remind me of gas station food.  Then again, I guess the same could be said about any number of frozen dishes, but the couple of times I have purchased these–many, many years ago–I never really cared for them all that much.  Well, times change, so I decided to give these a little shot.  We settled on the bean and cheese variety because my wife is a vegetarian, and she was unaware they even had a variety without meat.

As with most frozen burritos, less than two minutes in the microwave yields you a (hopefully) tasty finished product.  I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback upon opening the package–I had assumed that each burrito was individually wrapped.  They aren’t.  In fact, they’re just grouped together in clusters of four, so expect to have to peel some frozen burritos apart if you just want one or two.  It didn’t take long, but it was a little extra hassle that I wasn’t prepared for.

They’re also a little smaller than I thought they would be, but then again, you get eight of them for a mere $2.79 (if I recall correctly), so that wasn’t a big deal.  Unfortunately, they also taste exactly the same as I remember.  Where’s the cheese?  All I got was bite after bite of dry beans, with no cheese flavor in sight.  I thought maybe I just had to dig a little deeper–maybe it all settled in the middle, or something–but even then there was nothing but beans.  My wife, who has a set of taste buds far more acute than mine, also agreed that the cheese was nowhere to be found; thus we were both very disappointed.

Overall: 3/10.  There are eight in a package, for a mere $2.79, which make these a pretty cheap snack.  But even by those standards, there’s very little cheese in each burrito, making them incredibly dry, as they are overrun with beans.  I also went in expecting them to be individually wrapped, but they are not.  Again, at the price point that’s just a minor quibble, but go in expecting to have to peel apart frozen burritos when you open the package.  Time changes some things, but apparently the dry taste of frozen bean and cheese burritos are not one of them.  Will set my phone alarm for 2027 before giving them another shot.

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  1. Unknown

    Sorry but i am really disappointed the package clearly says beans and cheese but mine had no cheese at all only beans

  2. atom

    Mine was the same way. I'm assuming there's a thin layer of it somewhere, or something. I dunno. Never had them since this review and never will again.

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