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Season’s Choice Garlic and Herbs Homestyle Wedges (Aldi)

My wife and I were perusing the Special Buy cooler, looking for something different beyond the usual fries and onion rings to have as a side for our meal, when we found these. They looked good, and the price was right (somewhere around $1.99 if my memory serves me well) so into the cart they went! However, it was not without some slight reservation.

My biggest complaint with just about every kind of potato wedge that I’ve ever had, is no matter how good the seasoning is on the outside, the middle is always dry and boring. And the middle of a potato is the biggest part. So you might have a flavor explosion upon putting it in your mouth, from the seasoning that adorns the exterior, but by the time you swallow, the boring, unseasoned potato innards have now replaced all forms of flavor. Was I right to worry about these, or did Season’s Choice have another trick up their sleeve to prevent this from becoming an issue? The answers: I was right to worry about them, and no they did not.

Thankfully, there is a lot of seasoning on the outside, which get things off to a great start. But I still had to dip mine in ketchup to keep any kind of moisture and consistent flavor throughout…on their own, they were completely and utterly bland. As with others I’ve had in the past, once the flavor from the skin wore off, the middle was just an excruciating exercise in dryness; it was just chewing on grainy potato texture, with no flavor payoff as a reward.

I would maybe (read: probably not) get these again down the road, but not for a while. I would be more apt to use them in some kind of recipe…something that calls for potatoes that might benefit from the extra kick of the seasonings. Come to think of it, dressing these up with some bacon bits and sour cream might have done wonders to give it some extra flavor (then again, you could just get a bag of potatoes for around the same price of these, so that’s a comparatively expensive idea). But just on their own, straight out of the bag, there’s not much here to enjoy, or to recommend.

Overall: 4/10. They’re seasoned potato wedges, alright. And just like every other supermarket potato wedge I’ve ever had, no matter how much seasoning there is on the outside (and there is quite a bit), it’s still completely dry and flavorless on the inside. That’s unfortunately the case here; I had to dip them in ketchup toward the end, simply to give them some moisture and consistent flavor throughout. The price is pretty decent, at $1.99 per 22 oz. bag, but it will be a little while, if ever, before we pick these up again.

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  1. Unknown

    now that I got my family hooked on them I can no longer find them min my Aldi Store. We love them as we love Mushrooms as well. I fried mine in the skillet and they where delicious.

  2. atom

    That's the biggest downside to Aldi's business model: Getting hooked on one of their Special Buy items, and then having to wait until they come back again to load up on more!

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