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A delectable ice cream with an exorbitant price tag.

Private Selection Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (Kroger)

We return once more with yet another private label cookies and cream ice cream! This time, it’s courtesy of Kroger’s Private Selection brand, which aims for a more “upscale” experience. (The less premium varieties are simply released under the imaginative “Kroger” label.) As a reminder, this is my favorite ice cream flavor, so this isn’t something I’m going to be taking lightly. Does Kroger have what it takes to deliver the goods? Or is the end result going to be the equivalent of shopping in their stores: boring as shit?

Even before we dig down to the good stuff, there’s one negative that stands out: price. Its current retail is a whopping $7.49, up a dollar from just two weeks ago. And just a few months ago, I swear it was $4.99. But you know how things go: A virus sweeps the world and a war breaks out, and now all of a sudden companies have carte blanche to mark up their prices as high as they want. (And claim there’s a “cookie shortage” or some bullshit in order to justify it.)

I mean, $6.49 puts it up there with the more expensive national brands, making me wonder exactly who they’re targeting. If I have a choice between name brand ice cream, or Kroger’s for roughly the same price, I’m going with the name brand. And I highly doubt I’m the only one in that camp. (In all actuality, though, I would probably just get a different brand that’s on sale.)

Reservations aside, managed to get it for $3.99. Now that’s a price that’s much easier to digest.

Moving on to the ice cream itself, it definitely has the appearance of a more premium product. There are big chunks of cookie throughout, along with the typical smattering of smaller pieces. Combined, there aren’t many – if any – sections of empty white; the chocolate wafers take up a huge amount of real estate. And isn’t that what you want? I’m still thinking the price is excessive, but at least it looks better than other brands.

Now we move on to taste…and once again, Private Selection delivers. This is a rich and creamy concoction that is easily one of the better cookies and cream ice creams on the market. The cream section melts in your mouth, and thankfully avoids the pitfall of tasting like vanilla. Although a majority of the wafers are of the small variety, there are several huge pieces spread throughout; I call these “golden bites.” (NOTE: I don’t really call them that.) The cookie bits are very chocolatey and blend well with the plain ice cream. This is definitely a home run in the flavor department.

As easy as the ice cream is to digest, it’s the price that will get lodged in people’s throats.

EDIT: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT. Apparently, these have gone up to $7.49 at full retail price, while the sale price is now $4.99. If you pay the undiscounted rate, wallow around in shame.

Overall: 7/10. In terms of flavor, this one would be approaching Walmart’s (?) as one of the best. It’s rich, creamy, and features loads of large – and small – cookie chunks spread throughout. Based on taste, we’d be looking at a solid 8.5 or 9. But where this one gets it very wrong is in the price: $7.49 per carton? That puts it up there – and in some cases, above – national brands. Unless it’s self-sabotage, I have no idea what Kroger’s tactic is here. Regardless, it’s stupid. The sale price comes in at $4.99, which is up from the $3.99 we paid just a few weeks ago. At the latter price, it’s a little expensive but worth it. Even at $5, there are generally one or two national brands on sale for the same price.

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