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Too sweet to be chuggable.

Reward Blueberry Flavored Electrolyte Drink (Dollar Tree)

I already went into my introductory schpiel in a previous review, so let’s just jump right into this one, shall we?

This one isn’t very good. I was expecting it to have a light flavor similar to the strawberry. After all, blueberries aren’t exactly the sweetest fruit out there. But the taste is much stronger and, somehow, much sweeter. I’d say it’s much closer to a blue raspberry flavor than a blueberry anything. Whereas the strawberry was inviting enough to chug down, the “blueberry” gave me a heaviness in the stomach that made it hard to enjoy. It tastes kind of like a melted-down popsicle. I won’t go so far as to say I had to force later drinks down, but it’s not a stretch to say I didn’t look forward to them. 

Once again, value is pretty solid, with a 20.3 oz. bottle retailing for $1.25. That’s some pretty strong savings over national brands, and even most store brands. But, just like the strawberry, it’s missing sodium, and cuts back on magnesium, potassium and zinc levels compared to the more well-known varieties. 

I’m not sure as to Reward’s efficacy versus other drinks; then again, I’m not even sure of the name brand’s effectiveness. After all, companies can tell us anything, and there’s no real way to prove it one way or another. That being said, these drinks feel as “hydrating” as any other, and the lack of sugar can’t hurt it all that much. Especially for those who are looking to cut sweets (or calories) out of their diet. 

I wouldn’t get the blueberry again, but thanks to the strawberry-kiwi version, I definitely see potential in this line. Hopefully Dollar Tree will start carrying other flavors; if they do, I would gladly try them out.

Overall: 4.5/10. The Reward brand overall shows some promise. The strawberry kiwi had a nice, light, “chuggable” flavor that was inviting, despite having no sugar or calories. And the $1.25 price pint is pretty solid for an electrolyte beverage. But this blueberry has a cloying flavor that’s more reminiscent of a blue raspberry than a straight up blueberry. It’s much too candylike to be gulped in large quantities, and made me feel slightly sick the further in I got. I definitely wouldn’t get this one again, but I’d gladly try one of the many other flavor varieties they make, assuming Dollar Tree starts carrying them.

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