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These are actually in six-packs, and not five.

Bio Salud! Pineapple Flavored Cultured Dairy Beverage (Walmart)

The Bio Salud! brand is one that I’m quite familiar with. However, Walmart carries one flavor I never even knew existed: pineapple. Since that’s one of my favorite fruits, I had to give it a shot. And coming from the Bio Salud! brand, that means I had high expectations for it.

Like the strawberry and original variants, this one comes in a six-pack of 2.1 oz. bottles. Visually, it’s a slightly off-white, cream color that reminds me of a pina colada. The actual texture can best be described as “milky”, although it’s thinner than all but skim. It’s a nice, pleasant consistency that contributes to the overall experience. I can’t imagine it being any thicker, or it would be near “smoothie” or “yogurt” territory. Any thinner, and it would be water.

The taste is…pineapple. It’s a typical “artificial” pineapple flavor that’s fairly accurate to the real thing. There’s just the right amount of it, coming off as neither too weak, nor too strong. That means the drink is pretty sweet, but then again, so is the fruit. It’s accurate enough that I can’t see it winning over any non-fans of the alternative “apple”, just as I can’t see it alienating existing admirers. Normally, this would be my favorite flavor in any beverage lineup.

But Bio Salud! is far from typical: This is easily the “worst” of their offerings. Of course, “worst” here is relative to their other products. Standing on its own it would be very good. But that’s just a further testament to how outstanding these drinks are. At least, from a flavor standpoint.

If you’re interested in these from the “probiotics” angle, I can’t really help you. I lose track of all the “new” health keywords that people suddenly latch onto. While probiotics themselves are a thing, the effectiveness of probiotic foods and supplements are still up in the air. Many seem to think it helps with digestive health, and take these (and other foods) to maintain regularity. I’m already pretty consistent in the bathroom, so I can’t say I notice any sort of difference on that front.

But as I’ve also made clear in previous reviews, I don’t care what the benefits are. Even if there are none, these are fantastic. I’d imagine they’re healthier than soda or other sugary drinks, if for no other reason than the small serving size naturally limits the amount of sugars and other “bad stuff”. Sometimes you just want something that tastes good, or that satisfies a craving for sweets.

Bio Salud’s pineapple does both of those things, and at a price that can be found between most couch cushions.

Overall: 7/10. In a typical beverage line, this would probably be my top choice. After all, pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. But Bio Salud is far from “typical”. This one is somehow far and away my least favorite of the lot. Of course, “least favorite” is relative to their other products; on its own, it’s fantastic. The sweet appled pine is the star of the show without overtaking it, and its taste is pretty authentic for being artificial. It just doesn’t quite hit the lofty heights of its siblings, which is, unfortunately, its only setback.

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